Dumb ways to D
Flower Picking
Bake an Cake
Roll into the circ
Vacuum the dust
Mow the Grass
Avoide the Candy
Don't fall down
Play Baseball
Block the sick
Elevator push
Cutt off branches
Cool Youtube Ch
Plushy World
Boy of Destiny
Bod,Game bro Q
Game toy Brp
Plushy movies
Plushy Life vlogs
Adventure Time
Banjo Kazooie
Big Hero 6
Castle Crashers
Crash Twinsanity
Epic Mickey
Impossible Game
Jetpack Joyride
Nyan Cat
Percy Jackson
Star Vs the forces
Total Drama
FNAM World
Minecraft ideas


2.Pigman,Zombie Horse,Wither Jockey,Sky Dimension

3.Dirt Slab,Far Lands,Monoliths,Cog,Crying Obsidian

4.Panda,Red Dragon,Spike Block,Cherry Tree

5.Mesa Temple,Turtles,Obsidian Boat,Scarecrows


1.Story Mode=

2.Red Coin Challenge=Mario Deluxe Challenge

3.Toy Box=Super Mario Bros Deluxe

4.Mario Bros

W1-Mushroom Kingdom=

1-Tower=Larry Koopa Clown Cart

1-Castle=Fake Bowser(Koopa)

W2-Mushroom Caves=


2-Castle=Morton Koopa Clown Cart

W3-Koopa Airship=

3-Tower=King Goomba

3-Castle=Lemmy Koopa Clown Cart

W4-Cheep Cheep Sea=

4-Tower=BJ Chainsaw Machine

4-Castle=Wendy Koopa

W5-Wiggler Jungle=

5-Tower=Petey Pirahna

5-Castle=Iggy Koopa

W6-Pokey Desert=

6-Tower=Thunder Lakitu

6-Castle=Roy Koopa

W7-Monty Moutain=

7-Tower=Mecha Birdo

7-Castle=Ludwig von Koopa

W8-Bowser Castle=




1.The Problem with Copyright(Mr enter)

Soucres-Calling for a Boycott on Shout!Factory Products

Copyright Round II!

My first Counter-notification

Corporate “Fair Use” Blacklist and Whitelsit

Copyright Bullshit round...are we up to 5?

2.The Problem with Trolls(Mr enter)

I want to tell a story

Feeding the Trolls I - Aldo Banjo Man

Criticism Commandments

Critical Advice:Dealing with trolls

I really hate dealing with trolls like this

Follow up on trolls video

3.The Problem with Animation

4.The Problem with Adult cartoons

Writing Tips:Adult cartoons(Part 1)

5.The Problem with being funny

6.The Problem with body swap

7.The Problem with autism(Mr enter)

Asperger’s Syndrome


8.The Problem with Satire

9.The Problem with the freedom of speech

10.The Problem with Twitter

11.The Problem with PewDiePie(yahoo answers)

13.The Problem with Piracy

14.The problem with the Internet

Writing tips-Cliff hangers(Don’t use em)

15.The Problem with the Wall Street Journal

16.The Problem with Harassment


19.The Problem with fair use(Mr enter)

Let’s see how viacom…

Fun with Copyright

Da takedown