Idea:Kid vs kat /Invader Zim pilot v2

Ep.0-Pilot(Pilot v2)

Ep.1A-Let the Games Begin

Ep.1B-Don't fort sake me

Ep.2A-Cookie Duh


Ep.3A-Class Act

Ep.3B-One Big Happy Family

Ep.4A-Storm Dained

Ep.4B-Teed Off

Ep.5A-Tom Kat Foolery

Ep.5B-Catch my Drift

Ep.6A-Suddenly Last Slammer

Ep.6B-Outer Space Case

Ep.7A-Under Destruction

Ep.7B-Meance the Dennis

Ep.8A-Cheeks of Evil

Ep.8B-The Three Aarghs

Ep.9A-The Bottyguard

Ep.9B-Bottsville's Most Wanted

Ep.10-Kat to the Future

Ep.11A-Coop D'Etat

Ep.11B-Nuff Said

Ep.12A-The Lost Episode

Part 1:Catboy Update,Don't Toy with me,Extra Special Delivery

Part 2:Kaponk,Movie Mayhem,Pasta Disasta

Ep.13-The Kat Went Back