Charaters-Miku,BOD,Winnie bear,Jenny,Raina,Issac

smk,Elephant and Piggie

Idea=Planet sheen,Rocket monkey,Star vs,Gravity falls

Ep.0-The Wizard Boy(Fanboy 1A)

Plot:Miku is bored and finds a convention to go to a admits that bod’s a wizard meanwhile elephant and piggie complete a contest

Code:He’s Not Normal

Ep.1-Stressed out

Plot:After the events of mecha mutant-Jenny,Raina,and Issac are hanging out with BOD and Miku which is getting insane of all the things that’s happening and so one day miku goes out at night and finds a mystery ring to turn something into real life and she turned winnie the pooh into real life and she called him winnie bear and they go on adventures together to stop the stress.

Code:Look out for the KEEPER

Ep.2-Imaginary World

Plot:Miku and Winnie bear create a prank for bod and gets bod trapped into a cloudy planet and miku with winnie bear gotta find save bod or they will die

Code:Their still here

Ep.3-Dorky Party

Plot:SMK hangs out with miku and they have a party in SMK’s house

Code:It’s Humpday


Plot:It’s halloween and miku gets trapped in a house full of masks without winnie bear,meanwhile elephant and piggie are playing a vr game and get sucks into it

Code:Whatever you know their’s jumpscares

Ep.5-How stupid am I?

Plot:Bod is annoyed with miku so he takes miku to stupid management class and was a bad idea!

Code:Search for the brain or die in the game

Ep.6-Rock it! Rocket

Plot:Miku and winnie bear go to a field trip to see about moons and they go teleported to the moon

Code:The First Rocket was searched in 1990s

Ep.7-Flap bird Flap

Plot:Miku and winnie bear find out that flappy bird is cancelled but they were good at it and so they have a challenge to miku between bod to see who wins better(It’s neither of them)

Code:There was never a mario

Ep.8-Wireless not figured out

Plot:The lights go out but have 50 percent of there found before the wifi gets fixed at 7:00 at 12 a clock

Code:They lied to me im so blind darkness is coming

Ep.9-Evil Siri

Plot:Siri 2.0 got released and miku got trapped into the phone which siri and bod gets help to rescue her

Code:Machinery leads to catastrophe

Ep.10-Robot Pig(Spinoff of elephant and piggie)

Plot:Elephant and piggie find out that if they create the best robot they win a big trampoile

Code:Put back me togeher agian


Plot:Miku gets annoyed with winnie bear then suddenly the world goes into a void

Code:She can’t see me but I wonder why?


Plot:Bod goes to a performace and his face gets suck which miku gotta help him with

Code:Puppets are stood still and enjoy the storm from the town tonight

Ep.13-The Real Winnie

Plot:A machine build by raina can teleport anywhere and turns winnie bear into miku and miku to winnie bear

Code:They had fun today but let’s not forget the masters of the government

Ep.14-Please Stand By

Plot:A scientist has delivered a passage of a box that can create robots and they can do things anyone can do and winnie bear is jealous

Code:Daylight has hearts while possissing is moonlight,Robots are emotional whilethe baggage of fright is known

Ep.15-Chickened out

Plot:Elephant and piggie hang out with miku and later find out she has chicken pox which turns her into a chicken and elephant + piggie must save her

Code:All Cickens are white not black magic

Ep.16-Notice Me

Plot:A group of girls get a show which gets popular so fast that people don’t know miku anymore and miku wants people to notice them

Code:If only tattoos had a view of fear with the regret of things to forgot

Ep.17-24/7 Mall

Plot:Miku and winnie bear hang out at the mall and a lot of stuff happens

Code:A Paradox of hours can be solid for eggs


Plot:Miku has a dream when she turns into a boy and gotta save the world before the dream ends

Code:I always want to see dressed black suits for the heads

Ep.19-M.A.S.C.O.T.S(Mega Ape Super Crazy Over totally screwy)

Plot:One day bod finally gets his own winnie bear but goes down hill and miku goes to school with mascots

Code:30 Years from now they will have a mystery

Ep.20-Ads of Aids

Plot:Everyday miku watch ads it gives her aids which are special aids and turns her into a crazy demon.So winnie bear must save her

Code:One Stubborn kid from new jersey can’t be creative by the twins of triangles

Ep.21-Crafty LifeStyle

Plot:A contest hosts in the fairy world and miku with winnie bear join to create their own crafts but get distracted by the world exploration

Code:Fun and Games are good by the reactions for excels

Ep.22-Newer Times

Plot:It’s an anniversy of the dark ages and the friends of bod and miku join for a acting stage for today’s show

Code:Be known that problems are tiny

Ep.23-Lost of Wonders

Plot:This shows the origin story of the creation of winnie bear

Code:A simple man by whispers has ears on your side

Ep.24-Isle of Onions

Plot:BOD is mad that all the food has been stolen and miku finds out a bunch of gnomes want it so they can turn it into real food

Code:Flowers from divorced girls from 6 hours

Ep.25-Kon'nichiwa Chūgoku(Hello China)

Plot:Bod,Miku,and Raina go to china and see that a bunch of pandas were taken the a zoo and miku goes around helping out while BOD saves the jungle of bamboo

Code:The Prophecy is far but give up on the embraced change

Ep.26-Darken Memories

Plot:BOD had a amazing idea that he had but forget about it becuase he did not wrote it in his TO DO LIST and BOD asks miku for help and they travel into the mind of BOD(This is the second time BOD meets winnie bear)

Code:Game Over time to start fun of corrupted lives of survives

Ep.27-Partners from Crime

Plot:Elephant and piggie get captured in crime and it’s up to miku to save them

Code:When past gets trapped dreams are nightmares free

Ep.28-Growing Zombies

Plot:Minion sells miku seeds that turn into zombies and can’t die from sunlight so miku and winnie bear must go to a graveyard mansion to find ingriedents to destory the zombies

Code:10 Days on the week can seal a chain deal of the lost prophecy

Ep.29-Prank Master

Plot:It’s april fools day and miku with winnie bear must survive from all the pranks for one day from elephant and piggie

Code:Faded pranks of the sun today is done in memories of the trees from the real world


Plot:BOD has hiden a treasure around the streets which leads a trap and miku,winnie bear,elephant and piggie must explore the treasure

Ep.31-Shrinking Bird

Plot:Miku accidently’s shrinks bod and miku must un shrink him

Ep.32-Eyes on the prize

Plot:Elephant and piggie must find the prize from the cereal which laters turns out that miku has it and then they rage

Ep.33-Lemon Stand

Plot:Elephant and Piggie host a lemon stand to versus miku with winnie bear


Plot:Someone plays freeze tag in the park and miku joins in and then minion gives the guy a mint which is possision him into bigfoot


Plot:Winnie bear and Miku get travel into a video game and fight off baddies and wins prizes


Plot:Elephant and Piggie get trapped in school while they can join a convetion of anime

Ep.37-The Future

Plot:Miku and Winnie bear stop minion in his secert lab then they travel to time before winnie bear doesn’t iggest

Ep.38-Golf Gang

Plot:Miku vs Bod in the golf center while it’s midnight at night rainy

Ep.39-Society of Clay

Plot:Miku,Winnie bear,and Bod go to a bet that their is a legend of a clay monster which can remeber memories


Plot:Elephant and Piggie go explore the abanonded mansion and see maybe ghosts on the way

Ep.41-Eastern Egg

Plot:It’s easter and miku with winnie bear go in the wrong way and see may ancient eggs which are held by ponies

Ep.42-Zodiac Empire

Plot:Elephant and Piggie go to a trip into a attarction of the zodiac which turn the statue of animals into real life mutants

Ep.43-Im Out of here!

Plot:After the attraction they get trapped in a science lab which is in ruins and find two portal guns then fight of a sphere Robot which they must escape and fast

Ep.44-It’s just for kids

Plot:After escaping the science lab elephant and piggie join a football team so they can win a trophy of football but turns into hell


Plot:Miku gets a pet but the housekeeper wants to keep the pet if miku can’t control the pet

Ep.46-Too Much Food

Plot:Elephant and Piggie work at wendy’s but turns bad when they make too much food

Ep.47-This little piggy

Plot:Miku gives the cat to elephant and piggie for babysitting but go chaos

Ep.48-The Package

Plot:A new neighbor comes to town and has a passage which miku wants to know what’s happing in the house and in the passage which can lead to gold

Ep.49-Torture the Game

Plot:Elephant and piggie join a game on tv but you may wonder what’s gonna happen

Ep.50-Invaders of Nightmaress

Plot:Winnie bear gets kidnapped by minion’s dark invaders of nightmares and miku with bod must save her before the minion destroy’s the world

Ep.1-Glowing Eyes

Plot:Elephant and Piggie try to find miku’s cat and it’s lost in the forest and they gotta find it

Ep.2-Where the wild things are

Plot:Elephant and Piggie get into the land of winnie bear with miku and then find a secert forest which leads a factory

Ep.3-Rubix Duel

Plot:Miku and Winnie bear get a rubix cube and have a duel with it

Ep.4-Tales from the unknown

Plot:Miku has a another mysterious dream about winnie bear that gets insane


Plot:One day miku has left winnie bear alone at the house and finds a friend for winnie bear must turns into a rival


Plot:Miku and Winnie bear travel into a oppoiste universe and must complete the task trials of the world


Ep.1-Littering(R and M 12A)

Ep.2-Citizen Model(R and M 12B)

Ep.3-Spare me(R and M 13B)

Ep.4-The Apartment(R and M 14A)

Ep.5-Im an angel(R and M 15B)

Ep.6-Party Animal(R and M 16A)

Ep.7-Impressions(R and M 16B)

Ep.8-No Presser(R and M 17A)

Ep.9-Blue Sport(R and M 17B)

Ep.10-The Bully(R and M 18A)

Ep.11-Our Business(R and M 18B)

Ep.12-Money Tree(R and M 19A)

Ep.13-Glow in the dark(R and M 19B)

Ep.14-Surprise!(R and M 20A)

Ep.15-Bloomerang(R and M 20B)

Ep.16-Jelly Mode(R and M 21A)

(Fanboy,Robot and Monster,Rocket Monkey,Bread Winners,Sanjay and Craig)