Gaming(Alpharad) Edit

1#Super Smash Bros U(A Story for Glory)

Ep.0-Angry Girl Rages on Smash Bros







Ep.4-One Cool Mate(All Stars-Play as Mario)

Ep.5-This Game Goes Insane with four players(All Stars-Play as Luigui)


Ep.6-Home Zone Home(All Stars-Play as Peach)

Ep.7-Saltwater Rise(All Stars-Play as Bowser)

Ep.8-Regrets(All Stars-Play as Yoshi)

Ep.9-Why you do this to me?(All Stars-Play as Rosalina)

Ep.10-WHAT!(All Stars-Play as BJ)

Ep.11-Close Enough(All Stars-Play as Kooplains)

Ep.12-War Over Monkeys(All Stars-Play as DK)

Ep.13-I Don't Like This(All Stars-Play as DD)

Ep.14-Size Would not matter(All Stars-Play as Link)

Ep.15-Suicidal Triforce(All Stars-Play as Zelda)

Ep.16-Who Am I(All Stars-Play as Shiek)

Ep.17-I Can Hear You(All Stars-Play as Ganondorf )

Ep.18-In a World(All Stars-Play as Samus)

Ep.19-Back throwdown(All Stars-Play as Zero Suit Samus)

Ep.20-Swallowing(All Stars-Play as Kirby)

Ep.21-Sandman(All Stars-Play as Toon Link)

Ep.22-Not Included(All Stars-Play as Pit)

Ep.23-Mad Angel(All Stars-Play as Palutena)

Ep.24-King of the Dog Ring(All Stars-Play as Marth)

Ep.25-Builder Bob(All Stars-Play as Ike)

Ep.26-Something's Missing(All Stars-Play as Male Robin)

Ep.27-Love Me(All Stars-Play as Female Robin)

Ep.28-Low City Recap(All Stars-Play as King dedede)

Ep.29-Welcome Back(All Stars-Play as Meta Knight)

Ep.30-Buster Tournment(All Stars-Play as Little Mac)

Ep.31-2FastFourU(All Stars-Play as Sonic)

Ep.32-Look Lag(All Stars-Play as Fox)

Ep.33-True Warrior(All Stars-Play as Pikachu)

Ep.34-Punches and Stomps(All Stars-Play as Charizard)

Ep.35-Let's Press(All Stars-Play as Lucario)

Ep.36-Classic Running(All Stars-Play as Jigglypuff)

Ep.37-Shield Central(All Stars-Play as Greninja)

Ep.38-Little Moon(All Stars-Play as Ness)

Ep.39-Pursuit of Salt(All Stars-Play as Captain Falcon)

Ep.40-The Trojans(All Stars-Play as Male Villager)

Ep.41-Fighting Games(All Stars-Play as Female Villager)

Ep.42-Serves you Up!(All Stars-Play as Olimar)

Ep.43-Just Peachy(All Stars-Play as Alph)

Ep.44-Sexy Trainer(All Stars-Play as Female Wii Fit Trainer)

Ep.45-Defeated Mode(All Stars-Play as Male Wii Fit Trainer)

Ep.46-Tripping Percent(All Stars-Play as Shulk)

Ep.47-Confused Player(All Stars-Play as Pac Man)

Ep.48-Shooting Lumas(All Stars-Play as Mega Man)

Ep.49-Wolf Cryer(All Stars-Play as Mii SwordsFighter)

Ep.50-Doctor Louis(All Stars-Play as Mii Gunner)

Ep.51-Little Cheeky(All Stars-Play as Falco)

Ep.52-Grab the Next Standard(All Stars-Play as Wario)

Ep.53-Breaking the Limits(All Stars-Play as Lucina)

Ep.54-The Real World(All Stars-Play as Dark Pit)

Ep.55-The Story of Glory(All Stars-Play as Mii)

Ep.56-Raw Uh-Oh(All Stars-Play as Dr.Mario)

Ep.57-Shame me(All Stars-Play as ROB)

Ep.58-Return to the Real World(All Stars-Play as Game and Watch)

Ep.59-Anniversery 101(All Stars-Play as Duck Hunt)

Ep.60-Limits Only(Classic Mode-Effortless)

Ep.61-Attack of Clones(Classic Mode-Easy)

Ep.62-Foreign Currency(Classic Mode-Standard)

Ep.63-Wicked Climbers(Classic Mode-Tougher)

Ep.64-Waifu War(Classic Mode-Challenging)

Ep.65-Heatin Up(Classic Mode)

Ep.66-My Good Choice(Classic Mode-Extra Spicy)

Ep.67-The Next Girlfriend(Classic Mode-Infernal)

Ep.68-Frames of Lag(Classic Mode-White Hot)

Ep.69-Friendship(Classic Mode-Nothing Harder!)

Ep.70-The Blindfolded Challenge

Ep.71-Counter Play(Master Orders)

Ep.72-Try the Hard Way(Crazy Orders)

Ep.73-Zero Problem(Home-Run Contest)

Ep.74-Flight of Wario(10 Man Smash)

Ep.75-Luigui vs Luigui(100 Man Smash)

Ep.76-Ditto Mario(3-Minute Smash)

Ep.77-Salty Zelda(Rival Man Smash)

Ep.78-Not a Commentator(Endless man Smash)

Ep.79-Revival Shadow(Cruel Man Smash)

Ep.80-Super Old School Smash(Masterpieces Smash 4)

Ep.81-Super Rag Smash Bros(Online Battle)




3#Mario Kart 8

Ep.1-Who's Stealing My Item


Ep.2-Slo Mo Toad


Ep.3-Wario Kart




4#Yoshi Wolly World


5#Splatoon(Squid Stuff)

Ep.0-HOW TO PLAY SPLATOON 101(Regular Team)

Ep.1-Peekaboo!(World 1 Splatoon)

Ep.2-More Spooks(World 2 Splatoon)

Ep.3-Splat Doddle(World 3 Splatoon)

Ep.4-The Meme Team(Regular Battle)

Ep.5-Motion Controls(Explore the Map)

Ep.6-Squids and Stuff(World 4 Splatoon)

Ep.7-Paradise Snipe(World 5 Splatoon)

Ep.8-Lunar Battle(World 6 Splatoon)

Ep.9-Control Tower

Ep.10-Change of Pace

Ep.11-Rainmaker Power

Ep.12-What Im doing wrong

6#Super Mario 3D World


7#Pac Man Battle Royale

Ep.0-Pac Man Battle Royale


Ep.1-How To Play Pacman Battle royale


Ep.2-PacMan Battle Royale Rage


8#Fan Games

Ep.1-Zelda Games

Games:The Legend of Zelda:LampShade/Zelda:The Sacred Passage/

Ep.2-Crash Bandicoot Games

Games:Crash Flash/Cortex Conquest/Cortex Conquest 2/Cortex Conquest 3/Crash Tikimight

Ep.12-Crash Bandicoot Games 2

Games:Crash Bandicoot Crystals Light/Crash Bandicoot The Secret Place

Crash Bandicoot Warped Island/Unfair Crash Bandicoot/Crash Bandicoot Generations

Ep.22-Crash Bandicoot Games 3

Games:Crash Bandicoot in Retro World/Crash Bandicoot Underwater/Crash Bandicoot Crystal's Power

Crash Bandicoot for PC/

9#Flash Games

Sources:Ihascupcake/Badman reviews/Coolmath/kizi/Gamejolt/and Vinesauce

1-100 Edit

Numbers Episode Title Original airdate
1 SCP Containment Breach
2 Five Nights at Wario's
3 Five Nights at Treasure Island
4 One Night at Flumpty's
5 The House
6 The Tell Tale Heart
7 Stuffed 2:Five nights at Fedetrinic's
8 Five nights at F*ckboy's
9 Five nights at krusty krab
11 Yoshi Wolly World
12 Five Nights at Wario's 2
13 Five Nights at Candy
14 Super Mario Maker
15 The House 2
16 Boogeyman
17 Happy Wheels
18 Five nights at F*ckboy's 2
19 Five nights at chum bucket
20 FNAF 2
21 Human Fall Flat
22 Five Nights at Wario's 3
23 Little Nightmares
24 New Super Mario Bros U
25 Mario Kart Wii Ballon Fight and Coins Runner
26 Super Mario 3D World
27 Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
28 Five nights at F*ckboy's 3
29 Sonic Boom
30 FNAF 3
31 Captain Toad
32 Splatoon
33 Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
34 Yoshi Wolly World
35 Paper Mario Color Splash
36 Mario Party 10
37 Mineraft
38 Eyes=The Horor game
39 Hello Neighbor
40 FNAF 4
41 Angry Birds 2
42 Smash Bros U
43 Goat Simulator
44 GTA v
45 Cat mario
46 Super Monkey Ball
47 Banjo Kazooie
48 Rayman Origins
49 Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing
50 FNAF World
51 Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour
52 Super Mario Galaxy
53 Donkey Kong Country Return
54 Super Mario Galaxy 2
55 Mario and Donkey Kong:Minis on the Move
56 Super Monkey Ball 2
57 Super Mario Sunshine
58 New Super Luigui U
59 Luigui Mansion
60 Sister Location
61 NES Remix
62 Pinkmin 3
63 Rayman Legends
64 Super Mario 3D World
65 New super Mario U
66 Mario Wii
67 Luigui mansion 2
68 Pac man and ghostly adventures
69 Mario ds
70 Nes Remix 2
71 Yoshi New Island
72 DK Tropical Freeze
73 Banjo Tooie
74 Pacman and the ghostly advetures 2
75 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
76 Splatoon
77 Mario vs DK Tipping Stars
78 Mario Kart 7
79 Mario Kart 8
80 Mario Kart Double Dash
81 Mini mario and friends:Amiibo Challenge
82 Captain Toad
83 Kirby Triple Deluxe
84 Yoshi Wolly World
85 Kirby Planet Robot
86 Mario 3d Land
87 Mario Maker
88 Yooka Laylee
89 Mario Party Island Tour
90 Mario vs DK Miniland Mayhem
91 Mario Run
92 Crash N Sane Trilogy
93 Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing
94 Mario Cart
95 Super Mario Crossover
96 Mario Ghost House
97 Infinite Mario
98 Super Mario Flash
99 Paper Mario World
100 Mario World


101 Super Mario Flash 2
102 Super Mario Racing
103 Super Mario Rampage
104 Super Mario Crossover 2
105 Mario Cart 2
106 Mario Bros Motobike
107 Mario Tower Defense
108 Super Mario Star Scramble
109 Marios Adventure
110 Super Mario Star Scramble 2
111 Trespasser

.IO Playlist

Ep.1-Welcome to the Game(

Ep.2-Going Overboard(

Ep.3-Burning Gun Shot( Normal Mode)

Ep.4-Stop Eating Me(2 Teams Mode)

Ep.5-Exploding Balls of Fire(4 Teams Mode)

Ep.6-Welcome to Death Mode(Domination Mode)

Ep.7-Trying to Kill myself(Tag Mode)

Ep.8-Go Pacman Go(Maze Mode)

Ep.9-Size Matters(

Ep.10-Invading the Worms( Powers)

Ep.11-When Paper Rises(

Ep.12-Into World War 3(

What a Game







1#Mario Cart

2#Super Mario Crossover

3#Mario Ghost House

4#Infinite Mario

5#Super Mario Flash

6#Paper Mario World

7#Mario World 2

8#Super Mario Flash 2

9#Super Mario Racing

10#Super Mario Rampage


1#Super Mario Crossover 2

2#Mario Cart 2

3#Mario Bros Motobike 3

4#Mario Tower Defense

5#Super Mario Star Scramble

6#Marios Adventure

7#Super Mario Star Scramble 2

8#Mario Adventure 2

9#Mario Sunshine

10#Mario Sunshine 2


1#Mario PacMan

2#Mario Mushroom Adventure

3#Super Mario Star Scramble 3

4#Super Mario bros

5#Mario Kart Racing

6#Sonic Lost in Mario World

7#Mario Mushrooms

8#Sonic Lost In Mario World 2

9#New Super Mario World

10#Mario Motocross Mania


1#Donkey Kong

2#Luiguis Revenge

3#Mario Scene Creator

4#Baby Mario

5#Mario Kart Xtreme

6#Mario Fly

7#Luigui Cave world

8#Twisted Mario

9#Mario Jumping Adventure

10#Mario Rush 2

Ep.5- 1#Paper Mario World 2

2#Mario Combat

3#Mario World 3

4#Miner Mario

5#Bullet Bill 2

6#Mario Motocross Mania 2

7#Rambo Bros

8#Mario Ice Skating

9#Mario and Sonic Zombie Killer

10#Bullet Bill


1#Waluigui Mario

2#Super Flash Mario Bros

3#Mario Gum

4#Super Bandit Bros

5#Mario Bros in Sonic World

6#Mario Motocross Mania 3

7#Ulimate Mario Game Quiz

8#Super Smash Flash

9#Mario Racing Tourment

10#Donkey Kong 2


1#New Super Mario World 2

2#Super Mario Playground

3#Mario Rush Arena

4#Super Smash Flash 2

5#Mario War Escape

6#Super Mario World Flash

7#Mario Remix Boss Edition

8#Super Peach Blast

9#Mario Tank

10#Super Mario World Flash 2


1#Super Mario Ice Tower

2#Mario Lost in Space

3#Mario Town

4#Mario Zeppelin

5#Mario Match It

6#Mario Forever Flash

7#Super Mario Bomber

8#Super Mario Boat Bonanza

9#Mario Desert Remix

10#Mario Bros Motobike 2


1#Mario Mini Golf

2#Mario Drift

3#Mario and Yoshi Adventure

4#Mario Ghost

5#Mario Bus

6#Mario ATV Rival

7#Mario Basketball

8#New Super Mario World 3

9#Mario Zeppelin 2

10#Donkey Kong 2 Remix


1#Mario and Yoshi Advenutre 2

2#Mario ice Skating 2

3#Mario Bros Defense

4#Mario Ghost House 2

5#Mario Hell Adventure

6#Mario Block Jump 2

7#Mario Kart Challenge

8#Mario and Luigui RPG Wariance

9#Super Mario Remix 2

10#Super Maro 3D World


1#Super Mario World Revived

2#MarioTractor 4

3#Super Mario Racing 2

4#Mario Shoot Zombies

5#Super Mario Truck 2

6#Mario Block Jump 1

7#Mario Tractor 3

8#Mario Ice Adventure 2

9#Mario and Luigui Escape 2

10#Mario and Luigui Go Home 3


1#Mario Atv 4

2#Mario and Luigui Go Home 2

3#Mario Ice Adventure

4#Mario Bros Motobike

5#Mario and Luigui Escape 1

6#Mario Atv 3

7#Mario and Luigui Go Home 1

8#Mario Tractor 2

9#Mario Tractor 1

10#Mario Beatdown


1#Super Mario Remix

2#Peachs Pitch

3#Super Mario Racing 3

4#Bowser World Destroyer

5#Mario Atv 2

6#Super Mario Truck

7#Mario Fruit Bubbles

8#Mario Atv

9#Mario Atv 3d

10#Mario bros adventure


1#Super Mario Racing 3d

2#Mario Halloween Truck

3#Mario Shoot Pumpkin

4#Super Mario Flash Halloween

5#Classic Mario Bros

6#Mario Protect Princess

7#Wendigo Mario

8#Super Merio Rampage

9#King Kong Mario

10#Free Super Mario Bros


1#Doraemo vs Mario

2#Mario Kart Circuit

3#Mario Find princess

4#Mario Bros vs Monsters

5#Super Mario 63

6#Mario Bounce 2

7#Mario Jump Star

8#Mario Glider

9#Mario and Yoshi Adventure

10#Mario Rainbow Island