1.Angry Birds

Ep.1-Angry Birds,Seasons,Rio

Ep.2-Angry Birds Friends,Space

Ep.3-Angry Birds Star wars 1 and 2,Bad Piggies

Ep.4-Angry Birds go,Angry birds epic,AB Stella

Ep.5-Transformers,POP,Angry Birds 2

Ep.6-Fight,Action,Football,Holiday,Ace Fighter


2.Crash Bandicoot

Ep.1-Crash 1-3.Team Racing,Crash Bash

Ep.2-Crash 4,Crash GBA,Crash GBA 2,Nitro Kart

Ep.3-Crash GBA 3,Twinsanity,Tag Team

Ep.4-Boom Bang,The Titans,Mind over mutant

3.Donkey Kong

Ep.1-DK,DK JR,Dk 3,DK Circus,DK Hockey

Ep.2-DK Country 1-3,Dk Land 1-3

Ep.3-Diddy kong Racing,DK 64,Dk King of Swing

Ep.4-Donkey Konga 1-3,DK Jungle Beat

Ep.4-DK Barrel Blast,Retruns,Tropical Freeze,


Ep.1-The desolate hope,Chipper Revenge,FNAF

Ep.2-Fnaf 2,Fnaf 3,Fnaf 4

Ep.3-Fnaf world,SL


Ep.1-Half Life,Opposin Force,Blue Shift,Decay

Ep.2-Counter Strike,Half Life 2,Day of Defeat

Ep.3-DeathMarch,Lost Coast,Ep.1 and 2

Ep.4-Portal,Left 4 Dead,Left 4 Dead 2,Portal 2

Ep.5-TF2,Dota 2,The Lab

6.Jak and Daxter

Ep.1-Jak 1,Jak 2,Jak 3

Ep.2-Daxter,Jak X,Jak Lost frontier

7.Legend of Zelda

Ep.1-Zelda 1,Zelda 2,Link to the Past

Ep.2-Link Awakening,Wand of Gamelon

Ep.3-Faces of Evil,Zelda Adventure,Ocarina of Time

Ep.4-Major Mask,Oracle of Seasons,Oracle of Ages

Ep.5-Four Sword,Wind Waker,Four swords Adven

Ep.6-Minish Cap,Twilight Princess,Phantom Hour

Ep.7-Spirit Tracks,Skyward Sword,Link between world

Ep.8-Hyrule Warriors,Breath of the Wild

8.Little big Planet

Ep.1-LBP 1,LBP 2,LBP Racing,LBP 3

9.Pac Man

Ep.1-Pac Man,Ms Pac Man,Pac man Plus,Pac man 256,

Ep.2-Pac Land,Pac Mania,Pac man Battle Royale

Ep.3-Pac man 2,Pac in Time,Pac man World

Ep.4-Pac man maze madness,Pac man adventures in time

Ep.5-Pac man Fever,Pac man world 2,Pac man world 3

Ep.6-Pac Man Party,Pac ghostly adventures 1-2


Ep.1-Pikmin 1-3

11.Plants vs Zombies

Ep.1-P vs Z,P vs Z Adventure,P vs Z 2,P vs z heroes


Ep.1-Rayman,Rayman 2,Rayman JR

Ep.2-Rayman Advance,Rayman 3,Rayman DS

Ep.3-Rayman raving rabbids,Rayman Kart,

Ep.4-Rayman raving rabbids 2,Rayman Origins

Ep.5-Rayman Jungle Run,Rayman legends


Ep.1-Sonic,Sonic 2,Sonic CD,Sonic 3,

Ep.2-Sonic and Knuckles,Kunckles Chaotix

Ep.3-Sonic Advance 1-3,Sonic Rush,Sonic Rush Ad

Ep.4-Sonic 4,Sonic 4 Ep.2,Sonic Mania,Sonic 3d blast

Ep.5-Sonic Adventure 1-2,Sonic Heroes,Shadow

Ep.6-Sonic 06,Sonic Secert Rings,Unleashed

Ep.7-Black Knight,Colors,Generations,Lost world

Ep.8-Lost World,Sonic Drift,Sonic Drift 2,Sonic R

Ep.9-Sonic Riders,Sonic Rivals 1-2,Sonic Shuffle

Ep.10-M and S Olympics,Winter,2012,2014,2016

Ep.11-Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric,Sonic Boom Crystal

Ep.12-Sonic Dash,Sonic Dash 2,Sonic Boom fire Ice


Ep.1-Mario Bros,SMB,SMB 2,SMB 3,Mario land

Ep.2-Mario land 2,Mario 64,Mario Deluxe,Advance

Ep.3-Advance 3,Sunshine,Advance 3,4,NSMB

Ep.4-Galaxy,Wii,Galaxy 2,3d Land,NSMB 2,Mario U

Ep.5-Mario 3d World,Mario Maker,Mario Run

15.Star Fox

Ep.1-Star fox,64,Adventures,Assault,Command

Ep.2-Star Fox guard,Star Fox Zero


Ep.1-Wario Land,VB Wario,Wario Land 2-4

Ep.2-Wario World,Master of Disguise,Shake IT

Ep.3-Wario Ware,Twisted,Touched,Smotth moves

Ep.4-Snapped,DIY,Game and Wario




Ep.3=HeartGold,Black White,Black White 2,

Ep.4=X and Y,Omega Ruby,Sun and Moon

Ep.5-Mystery Dungeon,Explorers of Time,Ex of Sky

Ep.6=Keep Going,Gates to Infinity,Super Dungeon


Ep.1-Mario World,Yoshi Island,Yoshi Story,Touch Go

Ep.2-Yoshi Island Ds,Yoshi new Island,Yoshi wolly,


Ep.1-Kirby Dream Land,Kirby Adventure,Pinball land

Ep.2-Dream land 2,super Star,Kirby 64,Kirby GBA

Ep.3-Air Ride,Amazing Mirror,Squeak Squad,Epic Yarn

Ep.4-Return to Dream land,Amazing Mirror,Triple Deluxe

Ep.5-Rainbow Curse,Kirby Planet Robobot


Ep.1-Metroid,Metroid 2,Suu

21.Sly Copper


23.Rachet and Clank

24.Mario vs Dk

Ep.1-Dk 94,Mario vs Dk,Mario vs Dk 2

Ep.2-Minis march again,Mini land mayhem

Ep.3-Minis on the move,Tipping Stars