The shadow Misfits

Chaters-5 year old boy and girl with 12 year old boy,Man Evan,ALiss

Bk.1-The Orphange

Bk.2 The Monstary

Bk.3 Attraction club

Bk.4 Fire Light (Slender man)

BK.5-Mansion of terror(Battle of aliss and herobrine mansion


Plot-Aliss nappes three kids to the orphanage and the Family Arrested evan and they look for them.

Ending of book 1 the kids read the diary of alice

Ending of Book 2-Some teenagers take them to a Fair

Ending of Book 3-After the trials A girl hears noise from the Mansion

Bk.4-After the pages complted they go to the house from the map

Bk.5-Evan watches alice die

Ending of prequel-The exposhen kills the van and the family escapes it.

Chapters-Ch.1 enter the grave yard