The Fable of Link(Adventure Time)


Ep.0-Stumped(Tree Trunks AT)

Ep.1-A worthy Hero?(Enciridion! AT)

Ep.2-Smart Business(Business Time AT)

Ep.3-Riding into the sky(My two favorite peeps AT)

Ep.4-Road to no where

(Memories of Boom Boom Moutain AT)

Ep.5-Awakening the Wizard(Wizard AT)

Ep.6-Stolen(Evicted AT)

Ep.7-King of Theives(City of Theives At)

Ep.8-The Life behind you(What’s Life AT)

Ep.9-Fear the Ocean(Ocean of Fea AT)

Ep.10-Duke of Diamonds(The Duke AT)

Ep.11-Cursed(Freak City AT)

Ep.12-Defend Yourself(What have you done AT)

Ep.13-The Sphere(It came from the nitoshpere AT)

Ep.14-Lying Eyes(The Eyes AT)

Ep.15-A Link in the Future(Storytelling AT)

Ep.16-Four Stoned Sword(Power animal AT)

Ep.17-Depths of Blades

(Chamber of Frozen Blades At)

Ep.18-What are the Ods(The Pods AT)

Ep.19-Deception(The seilent King AT)

Ep.20-Sunshine Silence(Guardians of Sunshine AT)

Ep.21-Don’t Move(Death in Bloom AT)

Ep.23-Clueless(Mystery Train AT)

Ep.24-Mistakes(The limit AT)

Ep.25-Inside the Mind(Video Makers AT)

Ep.26-Back from the Dead( Mortal Recoil AT)

Ep.27-The Cap of Phatoms

(Conquest of Cuteness AT)

Ep.28-The Hitman(Hitman AT)

Ep.29-ESCAPE(Still AT)

Ep.30-Reversed(Fionna and Cake AT)

Ep.31-Missing(What Was missing AT)

Ep.32-The Masquerade(The Creeps AT)

Ep.33-In Space(No one can hear you AT)

Ep.34-Drawn Together(Jake vs Me-Mow AT)

Ep.35-Hourglass Track(Paper Pete)

Ep.36-Don’t Touch(Hot to the Touch AT)

Ep.37-The Duel(Card Wars AT)

Ep.38-Worm Worm(King Worm AT)

Ep.39-Zelda of Legends(You made me AT)

Ep.40-Left Behind(Who would win)

Ep.41-Squirrel(Up a tree AT)

Ep.42-Breath of fresh gas (A glitch is a glitch AT)

Ep.43-Alone(BMO LOST AT)

Ep.44-Comunicate(Shh! AT)

Ep.45-Clones(Be More AT)

Ep.46-Infinity Rooms(Dungeon Train AT)

Ep.47-Press Start(Play Date AT)

Ep.48-Food Chain(Food Chain AT)

Ep.49-Oracle of shadows(Nemsis AT)

Ep.50-Here and Now(Astral Plane AT)

Ep.1-Left Behind(Blank Eyed Girl AT)

Ep.2-Crossed Out(Crossover AT)

Ep.3-Hyrule Monsters

Ep.4-The Fierce Diary

Ep.5-Waking of Ancients

Ep.6-Ura Gaiden

Ep.7-Portal Chaos

Ep.8-Fused Destinies

Ep.9-Wrath of Terminia

Ep.10-Zombie Bearkout

Ep.11-The Pandora Box

Ep.12-Mystic Soul King