Super Mario bros NX(newer Mario wii,Fantendo,Mario wii-u,Mario 3d land or world)

Modes-Story mode,Hard mode,Multiplayer,Extras,Minigames

W1-Mushroom kingdom

1-1 Waddling plains(Grassland)


1-2 Sliping tunnels(Caves)

Enimies-Koopa,Pirhana,Fire pirhna

1-3 Shroomy heights(Athletic)

Enimies-Goomba,Para goomba,Para troopa,Para goomba

1-T Mighty bash(Boom boom)

Enimies-Dry bone,Dry goomba,Dry pirhna

1-A Willmill clouds(Athletic)

Enimies-Goomba,Koopa,Para troopa,Goombrat

1-4 Winged seas(Underwater)

Enimies-Cheep cheep,Urchin,Claimpy,Big cheep

1-5 Into the shells(Caves)

Enimies-Fuzzie,Koopa,Dry bone,Dry goomba

1-6 Cheeping creek(Underwater)

Enimies-Cheep cheep,Urkini,Big cheep

1-B Slanted road(Caves)

Enimies-Koopa,Goomba,Para goomba,Pirhna,

1-7 Bomb bridge(Athletic)


1-8 Fruity garden(Grassland)

Enimies-Biddy bab,Hammer bro,Goombrat,Pirhna

1-Castle Cracked castle(Lemmy)


W2-Hotty sands

2-1 Layers of cacti(Desert)

Enimies-Goomba,Koopa,Bullet bill,Bullet blaster

2-2 Barrel sea winds(Desert)


2-3 Rolling ball run(Caves)


2-T Fossil tower(Snake)

Enimies-Bullet bill,Dry bone,Dry goomba,Dry pirhna,Big dry bone

2-5 Seasand heaven(Atheltic)

Enimies-Angry sun,Para goomba,Goombrat,Para troopa,

2-6 Pillar pyramind(Temple)

Enimies-Gritty goomba,Goomba,Koopa,Spiny,Paratroopa

2-7 Sand dunes(Caves)

Enimies-Pipe lakitu,Pokey,Bullet bill,Goombrat,Koopa

2-8 Fallout foots(Desert)

Enimies-Stone spike,Spiny,Lakity,Bullet bill,Koopa,Groombat

2-castle Molten castle(Larry)

Enimies-Big dry bone,Dry bone,Spiny,Gritty goomba

W3-Soggy seas

3-1 Palm shores(Beach)

Enimies-Goomba,Koopa,Huckit crab,Lakitu

3-2 Tangled kelps(Sea caves)

Enimies-Bulber,Claimpie,Deep cheep,Cheep cheep,

3-A Rainbow pond(Beach)

Blooper,Cheep cheep,Goomba,Goombrat,Lakitu

3-3 Bubble cave(Caves)

Enimies-Claimpie,Eep cheep,Blooper,Blooper nanny

3-Tower Gloomy shore(Fish bone)

Enimies-Spike bass,Dry bone,Big dry bone,Dry goomba

3-A Frosty puddles(Ice cave)

Enimies-Jellybeam,Cheep chomp,Cheep cheep,Eep cheep

3-4 Suit up lake(Sea Temple)

Enimies-Mecha cheep,Goomba,Koopa,Blooper,Rex

3-5 Blue cave(Caves)

Enimies-O dile,Cheep cheep,Big cheep,Blooper,Spike bass

3-6 Sinking to swim(Caves)

Enimies-Goombrat,Rex,Porcu puff,O dile

3-7 Fishing train(Train)


3-8 The house at night(Mansion)

Enimies-Boo,Dry bone,Big boo

3-Castle Sunsken Galleon(Iggy)

Enimies-O dile,Blooper nanny,Cheep chomp,Dry bone,

W4-Snowy glacier

4-1 Tundra field(Atheltic)

Enimies-Banzai bill,Bullet bill,Goomba,Koopa,Goombrat

4-2 Ice field(Snow)

Enimies-Ice bro,Koopa,Para troopa,Para goomba,Lakitu

4-3 Snowy ridge(Snow cave)

Enimies-Fire pirhna,Pirhna,Spiny,Rex,Goomba,Koopa

4-T Crystal tower(Flipruses)

Enimies-Dry bone,Big dry bone,Bullet bill,Bone goomba

4-A Peguin bath(Icey Sea cave

Enimies-Cooligan,Flipruses,Snoe pokey,Mr blizzard

4-4 Magma burrow(Lava snow land

Enimies-Venis ice plant,Pansora,Banzai bill,Goomba

4-5 Frost cave(Sea cave)

Enimies-Nipper plant,Goombrat,Goomba,Snow spike

4-6 Hot or cold(Sea/lava land)

Enimies-Venus ice plant,Fire pirhna,Pirhna,Fire bro,Koopa

4-7 Wild boo hunt(Mansion)

Enimies-Big boo,Dry bone,Big dry bone,Bumpty

4-8 Skate train(Sea)

Enimies-Pirhna,Cooligan,Pirhna plant,

4-Castle Chilling castle(Wendy)

4-Airship Flying ship road(Atheltic)

Enimies-Mecha koopa,Mecha goomba,boomerang bro

W5-Vine cliffs

5-1 Dino trunks(Forest)

Enimies-Wiggle,Bramball,Big koopa,Big goomba,

5-2 Swampy Fog(Jungle cave)

Enimies-Spike top,Snift,Shy guy,Goomba,Wiggler

5-3 Nighty hills(Jungle night)

Enimies-Walking pirhna,Wiggler,Crazee dayzee,Goomba

5-T Hive hover out(Pom pom)

Enimies-Amp,Dry bone,Bramball,Dry goomba,Fire prihna

5-A Bamboo mansion(Mansion)

5-4 Flower lake(Jungle beach)

Enimies-Pirhna sorpt,Scoomba,Goomba,Koopa,

5-5 Molten crystal lifts(Jungle cave)

Enimies-Chainsaw,Crazee dayzee,Bramball,Spike top,Snift

5-6 Claw cat train(Train)

Enimies-Shy guy,Goomba,Snipy,Koopa,Wiggler,Pirhana

5-7 Electro water swim(Jungle beach)

Enimies-Poision pokey,Panswer,Pirhna,Walking pirhna

5-8 Blocking arrives(Forest)

Enimies-Bramball,Para koopa,para goomba,Wiggler,

5-Castle Wild rifts(Kamek)

W6-Deep dark caves

6-1 Fuzzed out canyon(Canyon)

Enimies-Fuzzy,Scuttle bug,bony bettle,Spiny,Lakitu

6-2 Gush gutters(Cave sea)

Enimies-Unagi,Scuttle bug,Aqua goomba,Snift

6-3 Driping dross(Cave sea)

Enimies-Spiny,Spike top,Sctutle bug,

6-4 Crystal chasm(Crystal cave)

Enimies-Squippler,Koopa,Monty mole

6-T Tall tower(Rocky wrench)

Enimies-Amp,Bomps,Whomp,Dry bone,Thwomp

6-5 Swoopers swoop(Cave)

Enimies-Swooper,whomp,Monty mole,Sctubble bug

6-6 Toxic shaft(Pipe cave)

Enimies-Bony bettle,Bettle,Spiny,Spike,Monty mole,Pirhna

6-A Spiny sprong(Train)

Enimies-Blokkablok,Goomba,Goombrat,Spiny,Baby goomba,

6-7 Wood drift(Cave sea)

Enimies-Poison blooper,Lakitu

6-8 Perilous pock(Cavern)


6-Castle toxic castle(Roy)

Enimies-Whomp,Bomp,Whimp,Thwomp,Dry bone,Sledge bro

W7-Rumble ruins

7-1 Chained heights(Atheltic)

Enimies-Chain chomp,

7-2 Mole mines(Moutain cave)


7-3 Slipping butter(Ice mountain)

7-A Bluff foos(Moutain fog)

7-T Blazed tower(Topman)

7-B Fungi pits(Shroom mountain)


7-4 Bettle peril(Ruins)

Enimies-Rex,Dino rhino,Mr rocky,snift,Bomb,

7-5 Shy peaks(Atheltic)

Enimies-Shy guy,Lakitu,Para guy,Fighter fly

7-C Candy mines(Candy cave)

7-6 Griding coaster(Cavern)

7-7 Seesaw lift(Cayon)


7-8 Ironclad ruins(Ruins)

7-Castle Nutscap house(Morton)


7-Airship Rain storm express

W8-High peaks

8-1 Air riad(Rainstorm)


8-2 Cloudy highway(Sky)

Enimies-Foo,Fly guy,Para goomba,Para  bomb,

8-3 Rocket skies(Night sky)

Enimies-Para biddybud,

8-T Clockworks room(Foo)

8-4 Bubble gorge(Grassland)

Enimies-Stingbie,Ballon goomba

8-5 Para peaks(Seas)

8-A Beanstalk climb(Jungle)

8-6 Cape ride road(Sky fog)

8-7 Born to bounce(Sky)

Enimies-Para bro

8-8 Rodeo valley(Sky city)

Enimies-Fishin lakity,Pipe lakitu,Lakitu,Ballon goomba

8-Castle Bomb assult castle(Ludwig)

WFinal-Koopa zone(Boom and pom,Browser,Mecha browser)

Final 1-Lava lake(Volcano cave)

Final 2-Burnstone flows(Volcano cave)

Final 3-Molten cave(Volcano cave)

World final Tower-Electron tower(Boom and pom)

Final 4-Rapid flames(Volcano)

Final 5-Rail road ride(Ruins)

Final 6-Eruption cavern(Cavern)

World final castle-Legendary castle(Browser,Mechar)

W9-Bonus Land

9-1 Red hot lava(Night lava)

9-2 Coco goes nuts(Jungle night)

9-3 Sunny shore(Sea)

9-A Night light beach(Night sea)

9-5 Sticky stocky caves(Caves)

9-B Chillout ruins(Ruins)

9-6 Navy mines(Space mine)

9-7 Flamey sea bridge(Sea cave)

9-8 Black mountain(Moutain)

9-9 Memory day(Space)

WA-Golden woods(Mushroom tropy)

A-1 Leaf pile falls(Woods)

A-2 Apple climbing(Waddlewing boss)

A-3 Buzz road

A-T Pumkin tower

A-5 Acorn shaft(Mansion)

A-6 Pigs at night(Night woods)

A-Caslte(Waddlewing boss)

WB-Japan village

(Flower tropy)

B-1 Pink orchard(Japan)

B-2 Cherry woods(Japan wood)

B-T China towner(Shy guy)

B-3 Lighting bridge(Japan night)

B-4 Roof hop(Japan)

B-Castle Samurai temple(Shy guy)

WC-Ghoulbone house


C-1 Bonechill hill(Night hill)

Enimies-Ghost block,Para bettle

C-2 Pumkin shaft(Shaft)

Enimies-Ghost vases,

C-3 Cemetery fog(Graveyard)

C-T Spook tower(King Boo)

C-4 colossus room(Mansion)

C-5 Ghoul manor(Manor)

C-6 Domain doom(Dark mansion)

C-7 Roar of creeps(Mansion)

C-Castle Delusion castle(King Boo)

WD-Space skies(Heaven-Star tropy)

D-1 Space heap(Space)

D-2 Spinning tops(Space)

D-3 Stars to heaven(Star space)

D-T Asteriod tower(Mecha boom boom)

D-4 Escape the ship(Space sea)

D-5 Light station(Station)

D-6 Comet room(Comet space)

D-7 Twister shell(Space)

D-Castle Nova castle(Mecha pom pom)

WE-Factory core(Crown tropy)

E-1 Wreck frontier(Factory)

E-2 Jet ship(Factory sea)

E-3 Magmaworks(Lava factory)

E-T Pedulum tower(Sumo bro)

E-4 Dragon crash(Lava factory)

E-5 Iron forge(Temple)

E-6 Hungry punch(Temple)

E-7 Magnet stick(Lava factory)

E-8 Keep doors(Mansion)

E-Castle Captain of the bones(Dry browser,Mecha)


Title screen-Remix of M wii main menu

World 1 map-Peach's Castle theme remix

Overworld-SMB remix

Overworld fast- Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Music - Lakitu Valley 2 remix

Caves-SMB 2 or Mario maker cave theme

Atheletics-SMW remix

Tower theme-Mario maker SMB 3 castle theme

Tower battle-SMB 3 browser battle remix

Underwater-M maker SMB 3 underwater

Castle-M maker SMW castle remix

Castle battle-Mario sunshine paint boss remix

Castle fast- Bowser Jr.'s Fort - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

Mushroom shop- Honeyhop Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

W2 map-New Super Mario Bros. World 2: Dry Dry Dunes [My Music]

Desert-NSMB desert remix

Desert night- SMB3 Desert map remix

Temple-SMW underground remix

W3 map-Mario 64 water remix

Seas-Mario wii beach theme

Sea cave-M wii underwater remix

Ice cave-Mario kart ds dk pass remix

Train-Paper Mario 2 glitz pitz remix

Mansion-Paper Mario forever forest remix

Ocean shop- Pianta Village - Super Mario Sunshine remix

W4 map-World 5 super Mario 3d world remix

Snow-Mario 64 snow remix

Snow night-Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii Holiday Special Soundtrack - Frappe Snowland

Ice shop- Freezy Flake Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

Airship-SMB 3 ariship remix

Airship battle-Weldar boss remix

W5 map-World 4 mario 3d world remix

Forest-Mario Kart Wii: Maple Treeway remix

Forest night- SMBW Forest of Illusion remix

Jungle-Yoshi island title remix

Jungle night-Newer Super Mario Bros Wii. Summer Sun Soundtrack - Yoshi Jungle

Jungle cave-Yoshi island crystal cave remix

Beach-Mario kart 8 yoshi falls remix

Beach fast- Toad Road - Mario Party 9 remix

Forest shop- Banshee Boardwalk - Mario Kart 64 remix

W6 map-NSMB w6 map remix

Canyon-Wario world greenhorn forest remix

Canyon night- Cloudy Court Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

Crystal cave-Yoshi new island cave remix

Pipe cave-Mario 64 dungeon remix

Pipe cave fast- Time Attack - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

Cave shop- Cosmic Cove Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

W7 map- Mario 3dland snow mountain remix

Ice mountain-Mario galaxy snow remix

Fog-NSMB athletic remix

Shroom-SML overworld remix

Ruins-SML ruins remix

Moutain-Magma Mine - Mario Party 9 remix

Moutain night-New Super Mario Bros. World 8: Bowser's Volcano Boom [My Music]

Moutain shop- Clock Tower - Super Mario 3D Land remix

W8 map-Lava overworld NSMB remix

Lava zone- Castle Theme - Super Mario 3D world remix

Volcano erupt-Bowser's Castle - Fortune Street remix

Rainstorm-Mario 64 browser road remix

Rainstorm fast-Glamdozer remix theme

Night sky-Mario rpg nimbus land remix

Night sky fast- The Shake King - Wario Land: Shake It! Music Extended remix

Lava cave-Volcano theme Mario wii remix

Space-M and L 2 star hill remix

Japan-Yoshi islsnd level 1 remix

Graveyard-Ghostly galaxy remix

Station-Mario galaxy battlerock remix

Station fast- Stage Boss - Super Mario 64 remix

Factory-Mario and L 2 factory remix

Factory fast- Glamdozer - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

Doom shop- Attack Theme - Super Mario 3D Land remix

W9 map- Chapter 3 Opening (Unused) - Super Paper Mario Music remix

Space shop- Supermassive Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix

Credits-Newer Gonna Give You Up (2011 Trailer) remix/Mario vs luigui theme/Mario 64 overworld remix

Final level theme-Speedy Comet - Super Mario Galaxy remix

Final boss mini-Super Mario World final boss remix

Final boss- Labrynth - Earthquake (Instumental) remix/New super Mario wii final boss remix

Race level-Purple Coins - Super Mario Galaxy remix

Toad house-Challenging Actions! - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Music remix

Time speed-Fuzzy Flood Mine - Super Mario 3D World remix

Nabbit runs-Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Battle Tower Blitz, Safe Room remix

Nabbit runs time speed-Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Boss Panic! Remix

Devil Mario run-Super Mario Sunshine - Shadow Mario Theme Remix