Ep.0-Luigui The Leprechaun

Ep.1-Yoshi Egg War

Ep.2-Behavior Cards

Ep.3-Mc Donalds

Ep.4-Mario Kart

Ep.5-Wario Search for the Amulet

Ep.6-The Seven Sin Koopalings

Ep.7-The Knights

Ep.8-Amiibo Hunt

Ep.9-Bowser Party

Ep.10-Mallow and Geno

Ep.11-The Mysterious Mr L

Ep.12-BJ Goes the Park

Ep.13-Lemmy's New Pet

Ep.14-Mario Kart 2

Ep.15-Waluigui's Sandwhich

Ep.16-Wendy's Diamonds

Ep.17-Yoshi's Cousin


Ep.19-Roy vs Wild

Ep.20-Restraning Iggy Koopa


Ep.22-Evil Larry

Ep.23-Minions Lunch Break

Ep.24-Inky Situation

Ep.25-Peach's Morning Routine

Ep.26-The Addiction

Ep.27-Toadsworth's Pointless Pokemon Experience

Ep.28-Mario Curse

Ep.29-Waluigui Watermelon Quest

Ep.30-Mario's Wipeout

Ep.31-Wario's Babysitting Job

Ep.32-Wario's Haburger

Ep.33-Wario on the Treadmill

Ep.34-Wario Secret Club

Ep.35-Mario Kart Dilmmea

Ep.36-Thwomp Trouble

Ep.37-Fight for the Cookies

Ep.38-Waluigui Caper

Ep.39-Race Against Time!

Ep.40-Inside the Negative World

Ep.41-Forbidden Forest

Ep.42-Search for the Star

Ep.43-Snow falls on Forbidden Forest


Ep.45-Wario and Waluigui's Chocolate Bunny

Ep.46-Ugly Car Crash

Ep.47-Mushroom Fever

Ep.48-Zombie Infestation


Ep.50-Angry Birds Attack(Crossver)