Super Mario NX

1.Main Menu-nsmbr main menu

2.Open-Mario party 10 bowser intro

3.World 1-Mario maker 100 mario challenge easy

4.Grass-Super Mario bros overworld

5.Caves-SMB underground

6.Sky-NSMB athletic

7.Sea-SMB 3 ovewo

8.Night-NSMBU overworld

9.Atumn-Maple treeway Mario kart wii

10.Mansion-Captain toad mansion

11.Thunder-yoshi wolly world miss cluck

12.Town-Mario kart ds Yoshi falls

13.World 2-Captain toad mine cart sunset rundown

13.Desert-NSMB desert

14.Desert night-

15.Minecart track-Captain toad minecart sunset

15.Sea cave-



18.Beach- Yoshi's Woolly World Music: Petal Garden

19.Beach Night-

20.Crystal cave-

20.Toxic-Yoshi island crystal cave

World B-Paper Mario forever forest

21.Outside mansion-Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Sliding Slab Shuffle

22.Snow-Mario 64 snow

23.Snow night-Mario kart ds dk pass

24.Snow mountain-



27.Jungle-Yoshi island overworld


29.Jungle cave-

30.Jungle night-Yoshi island title screen


32.Circus-Captain toad razzle dazzle

33.Space-Mario rpg nimbus land

34.Stars-Mario and luigui star hill

35.World 7-Mario wii world 6 map

35.Moutain-Wario world greenhorn forest

36.Train-Mario 3d world train

37.World 8-100 mario challenge extreme


38.Lava cave-Paper Mario glitz pitz

39.Blue lava-

World factory-Mario and luigui factory

40.Factory-mario 3d world world bowser

World 9-Yoshi wolly world to the rescue

41.Cookie-yoshi wolly world vs knot wing

42.Tower-yoshi wolly world heist


44.Enimie course-mario sunshine paint boss battle

45.Mini boss-mario sunshine boss

46.Boss battle-smb3 kooplaings battle

47.Airship-SMB 3 airship

48.Bowser Jr-mario galaxy battle bj

49.Bowser castle-Mario 64 bowser road

50.Bowser boss-Captain toad wingo phase

51.Bowser boss 2-captain toad riding on draggadon/ Labrynth - Earthquake (Instumental)/Mario wii final boss

52.Run away level-yoshi wolly world final boss

53.Toad house-

54.Bonus game-waluigui pinball

55.Win mini battle-

56.Course clear-

57.Course clear 2-

58.Win boss battle-

59.Win final boss-

60.Pause screen-

61.End game-[Enhanced] Fancy Mike and Scribbler - The Man Who Ate the World (epic music)