Super Mario NX(Game)

Mario,Luigui,Yellow and blue toad,Peach,Nabbit,Rosalina


W1-Mushroom Kingdom(Yoshi)

1-1 Grassy Meadow(Day)

1-2 Mushroom Cave(Caves)

1-3 Yoshi's Plains(Day)

1-4 Aerial Heights(Sky)

1-Tower Crushing-Plataform Fortress(Goomboss,Secert)

Goomboss-Throws bombs

1-5 Sushi Lake(Sea)

1-6 When groomba’s fall(Night)

1-7 Rex Gorge(Caves)

1-8 Fuzzy crossing(Grass mountain)

1-Castle Morton’s Musty Castle


1-A Darkness cavern(Cave)

1-B Skybound trees(Reversible platforms)

1-C Gliding slide(Caves)

1-D Fliping switch(Sky)

1-Special Run down night run(Night)

Power ups-Mega mushroom,Rainbow,


WA-Atumn Village(Acorn,Goomba shoe

A-1 Autumn Plateau(Atumn)

A-2 Honeycomb Walls(Honey trees)

A-3 Maple Woodway(Autmn Night)

(Secert to A-6)

A-Tower Samurai Tower

Boom Boom-SMB 3

A-4 Ghost house Town(Mansion)

A-5 Honey go hover(Honey night)

A-6 Fall Harvest(Fall town)

A-7 Thunder Bridge(Thunder night)

A-8 Rooftop Hop(Town night)

A-Castle Leafpile Fortress

Bugaboom-Mario galaxy

A-Special(Festival,Flipswitch panels)

Boss-Boom Boom,Bugaboom


W2-Ancient Dunes(Fire flower,Yellow Yoshi)

2-1 Cactus cove(Desert)

2-2 Barrelband Winds(Secert)

2-3 Fossil Tunnel(Caves)

2-4 Searing Sands(Desert cookie)

2-5 Pillar Pass(Secert)

2-6 Windworn Dunes(Desert night)

2-7 Spike Ruins(Shadow caves)

2-8 Fire Snake Sphinx(Secert)

2-Tower Wart’s Quicksand Fortress

Wart-SMB 2

2-Castle Iggy’s Pyramid Castle

Iggy-Mario wii tower battle

2-Airship The Sandship Base(Secert)

Mario wii round 1

2-A Urchin seasand(Sea caves)

2-B Fast-wind Zone(Fog desert)

2-C Hammer Bro's Stadium(Desert Night)

2-D Roll o Rama(Ruins)

2-Special Chasing the Sun

Boss-Wart,Iggy,Bowser jr


W3-Glistening Sunshine Shore(Blue Yoshi)

3-1 Palm Beach(Beach

3-2 Lakitu’s tropical island(Night)

3-3 Boss Bass point(Caves)

3-4 Blooper’s Grotto(100 seconds)

3-5 Huckit Crab resort(Fences)

3-6 Cheep cheep shore(Toxic Cave)

3-7 Dragoneel Archipelago(Sea caves)

3-8 Electro koopa’s beach(Beach Night)

3-Tower Submerged fortress

Glooper Blooper

3-Castle Fishbone castle

Ludwig-New super Mario bros 2

3-A Giant beach land(Gigas)

3-B Sea ruins(Night ruins)

3-C Shallow Sewage(Toxic)

3-D River of razers(Lazers)


Power-Frog suit


WB-Ghostly valley

B-1 Bonechill shaft(Mansion)

B-2 Pumking road(Outside)

B-3 Fog Cemetery(Fog)

B-4 Colossus house(Day in window)

B-5 Glowlit manor(Night)

B-6 Moonlit woods(Outisde rain)

B-7 Cawcaw treeway(Night)

B-8 Gloomsilt lake(Caves)

B-Tower Spookloft tower

Chain chomp-New super Mario world

B-Castle Delusion castle

King boo-SMW

B-Special Sunsken boneyard(airship)

Boss-Broozer,King boo

Shopkeeper-E gadd

W4-Snowflake Summit(Magenta Yoshi,Hammer omelet)

4-1 Ice Tundra(Snow)

4-2 Cooligan Snowfalls(Snow night)

4-3 Snowball mountain(Snow mountain)

4-4 Mucher frost(Snow temple)

4-5 Fliprus Ice barth(Snow sea)

4-6 Buster bettle cave(Maze cave)

4-7 Glacier base(Snow sky)

4-8 Magma Iceburrow(Snow lava)

4-Tower Crystalfrost fortress

Pom Pom-Mario 3d landd

4-Castle Chillcrush castle

Mario U-Wendy

4-A Snowdrift ship(Snow ship)

4-B Lavafrost pyramind(Ice pyramind)

4-C Spooky wilds(Ghost house)

4-D Byway bounce(Trampolines)

Boss-Pom pom,Wendy,

Power-Ice flower,Gold flower,Peguin


W5-Veggie Treetop swamp(Purple Yoshi)

5-1 Mighty Meadow(Jungle)

5-2 Yoshi woods(Sky,beat block)

5-3 Springwater Swamp(Swamp cave)

5-4 Troopashell Track(Bounce pads)

5-5 Rainshed Pond(Jungle rain)

5-6 Cheepcheep Creek(Jungle cave)

5-7 Growing Greenwood(Jungle night)

5-8 Pintsized Plains(Savana)

5-Tower Formidable Fortress


5-Castle Creepcrack Castle

Larry-Mario wii castle battle

5-A Tricky theater(Circus)

5-B Switch Shift Grove(Arabian jungle)

5-C Tangle Temple(Temple)

5-D Bamboo steppes(Bamboo)

5-Special Rainday dash(Rain)

5-Airship Derelict Airship

Bj-Mario galaxy


Powers-Mini mushroom,Blue shell

Shopkeeper-Cool Koopa

W6-Muda mud Mines(Orange Yoshi)

6-1 Gushing Gutter(Water)

6-2 Dripdrop drains(Pipes)

6-3 Casacade Chasm(Cave)

6-4 Flipblock Orchard Room(Mineshaft)

6-5 Petal Lake(Petals cave)

6-6 Swooper cellar(Foggy cave)

6-7 Toxic Wigglerlair(toxic cave)

6-8 Fuzzy catacombs(Minecart)

6-Tower Pipeline tower

King mole-Flamey pyro new super Mario world

6-Castle Bunwire castle


6-A Ninji Heights(Cave sky)

6-B Snow spikes(Spikes snow)

6-C Chomp nest(Mechanical)

6-D Torpedo Cliffs(Fog cave)

6-Special Mountain(Oriental)

Boss-King mole,Lemmy

Powers-Bomb shroom,Spiny helment

Shopkeeper-Mony mole

WC-Deepsky galaxie(Cyan Yoshi)

C-1 Spacedust heap(Space)

C-2 Asteroid belt(Asteroids)

C-3 Spintop nebula(Spaceship)

C-4 Star haven(Stars)

C-5 Starfruit garden(Grass)

C-6 Spaceship koopa(Ship)

C-7 Batallion frontier(Cannons)

C-8 Burnstone flowfalls(Asteriouds)

C-Tower Electron tower

Ricky wrench-Newer SMB

C-Castle Novastar castle

Mecha koopa-Punches

C-Special Gravity Base

Boss-Ricky wrench,Mecha koopa

Power-Cloud flower


W7-Crumbling Canyon

7-1 Chomproller Heights(Sky)

7-2 Grimymole Mine(Caves)

7-3 Wobbleshroom Bluffs(Grass)

7-4 Bubble Basin(Bubbles)

7-5 Slanty Shroomroad(Night)

7-6 Capshroom shore(Water)

7-7 Foggy Night(Fog)

7-8 Cherry Falls(Rolling cylinders)

7-A Butterwood Crossing(Sky)

7-B Fungi Pit(Mushrooms)

7-C Vine Chasm(Vines)

7-D Manta Raid(Sky)

7-Special Mount Train

7-Tower Burnblaze Tower

Sumo bro-Mario U

Reznor-SMB 3

7-Castle Moltenwire Castle

Roy-Mario U

Boss-Sumo bro,Reznor,Roy

Power-Boomerang flower

Shopkeeper-Lakitu buddy

W8-Inferno wastleland

8-1 Volcano rapids(Lava)

8-2 Dragonride fire sea(Lava)

8-3 Eruption crater(Caves)

8-4 Ironworks forge(Spikes)

8-5 Jellybeam lava reef(Sea)

8-6 Bully Inferno(Blue lava)

8-7 Dragonride fire sea(Overwolrd)

8-8 Smashing Bridge(Rising lava)

8-Tower Penfulim tower

Kamek-Yoshi new island

8-Castle Bowser keep

Bowser-Mario bros 3,Yoshi wolly world

Mecha Bowser-Mario Wii U

8-Special Underground railroad

8-A Magmawork tower(Lava tower)

8-B Blargg secret lair(Caves)

8-C Fire snake ruins(Ruins)

8-D Broke spolorch belt(Caves)

8-Special Masterful cruise

Power-Thwomp shroom

Boss-Kamek,Bowser,Mecha bowser

Shopkeeper-Bomb buddy

WD-Cloudtop Factory

D-1 Nimbus Highway(Sky)

D-2 Rocorocket skies(Night)

D-3 Shy guy peaks(Grass)

D-4 Breanstalk Ascent(Beanstalk)

D-5 Magma zone(Lava)

D-6 Space jump room(Gravity)

D-7 Dusty steam(Fog)

D-8 Mineshack trap(Thunder)

D-Tower Clock work tower

King Bomb-Mario party 9

Giga Lakitu-Mario galaxy 2

D-Castle Blitz palace

Bj Airship-Rayman orgins

D-Final Run down by airship

Boss-King bomb,Giga lakitu,BJ Airship


W9-Moonview city

9-1 Mossdeep green(Grass)

9-2 Blue chilldesert(Desert)

9-3 Orange Prairie(Sea)

9-4 Black clappers(Snow)

9-5 Brown forest(Jungle)

9-6 Navyblue molemine(Caves)

9-7 Grey moutains(Moutains)

9-8 Rainbow star road(Space)

9-9 Cookie lane(Cookie)

9-10 Space blocks to jump(Invisible blocks)

Power-Cape feather

Boss-Boom boom,Pom pom