Robot Babe(Teen Robot Tv,Invader zim,Powerpuff girls)

Ep.0-I Vaporize my Planet(Zim Ep.1)

Ep.1-Friend of Death(Zim Ep.2A)

Ep.2-Bathroom Incident(Zim ep.3B)

Ep.3-Vehicle Poodle Plunge(Zim ep.5A)

Ep.4-Water Bed(Zim Ep.6B)

Ep.5-Jackers of Vegas(Zim Ep.7A)

Ep.6-I Kiss Ugly Jr(Zim Ep.10)

Ep.7-Cannibals Storm(Zim Ep.10B)

Ep.8-FBI Blows Up(Zim Ep.11)

Ep.9-Demon Pigeon Planet(Zim Ep.13)

Ep.10-Spooky Spa Resort(Zim Ep.14)

Ep.11-Future of Doom!(Zim Ep.15B)

Ep.12-Party Ponies(Zim Ep.17)

Ep.13-Lice Launcher(Zim Ep.17B)

Ep.14-Torching Stuff(Zim Ep.19A)

Ep.15-Etti Life(Zim Ep.19B)

Ep.16-Zombie Soul(Zim Ep.22A)

Ep.17-Junkyard Alert(Zim Ep.23A)

Ep.18-Cheerleading Truce(Zim Ep.24A)

Ep.19-Mouse for happy meals(Teen R Pest Control)

Ep.20-Famous Scorched(Teen R Class Action)

Ep.21-Fortress Bath(Teen R Ep.3)

Ep.22-Bridge Machine(Party Machine Teen R)

Ep.23-Eyes Fly(Teen R See No Evil)

Ep.24-Android go Command(Teen R Return of Android)

Ep.25-The Secondary Robots(Teen R Silbing Tsuani)

Ep.26-BlackJack Dropout(Teen R Preschool)

Ep.27-Hositile Needle(Teen R Hostile Makover)

Ep.28-Imprisoned Cat Grid(Teen R Grid Iron)

Ep.29-Monkey Flame(Teen R Ep.10)

Ep.30-Crocodile Dream(Teen R DayDream)

Ep.31-Muffin Trade(Teen R TradeShow)

Ep.32-HourGlass Wizard(Teen R World of Wiz)

Ep.33-Mind from the Eyebrows(Teen R S2 Mind over Matter)

Ep.34-Robot Heroes(Teen R S2 Teen Team Time)

Ep.35-Fruit Bat Party(Teen R S2 Sister Sledge)

Ep.36-Star Spangled Dance(Teen R S2 Dancing Shell)

Ep.37-Kitty Core(Teen R S2 KillGore)

Ep.38-Free Numb Samples(Teen R S2 CrashPadCrash)

Ep.39-Cipher God(Teen R S2 Cluster Prime)

Ep.40-Cipher God(Teen R S2 Cluster Prime)

Ep.1-Victim of Toilet Paper(Teen R S2 Victim of fashion)

Ep.2-Freezed Vaproize(Teen R Deisgn Women)

Ep.3-Apocalypse Drama(Teen R Mama Drama)

Ep.4-Mutant Directions(Teen R Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle)

Ep.5-Humming Bird Legion(Teen R Legion of Evil)

Ep.6-Recoring Idol(Teen R Teen Idol)

Ep.7-Bird Bath Pirate(Teen R Good Old Sheld)

Ep.8-Fright From Baboons(Teen R Stage Fright)

Ep.9-Camel Cogs(Teen R Trash Talk)

Ep.10-Beach Figures (Teen R Histotionics)

Ep.11-Flowerpot President(Teen R Labor Day)

Ep.12-Chimpanzee Bike(Teen R Voyage to the Planet Bikes)

Ep.13-Double Force(Star vs Ep.4)

Ep.14-Wand going to Die(Star vs Ep.8)

Ep.15-Bus Cannot Drive(Star vs Ep.10)

Ep.16-MiniBar Key(Star vs Ep.11)

Ep.17-Time is Always Time(Star Vs Ep.17)

Ep.18-Bicep School(Star vs Ep.19)

Ep.19-Pop Tart Vader(Star vs Ep.24)

Ep.20-Inside Limbo(S2 Star vs Ep.2)

Ep.21-Recycle eBay(S2 Star Vs Ep.8)

Ep.22-Squirrel Toenail(S2 Star vs Ep.12)

Ep.22-Giant Thor(S2 Star vs Ep.16)

Ep.23-Cube Eject(S2 Star vs Ep.17)

Ep.24-Frog Hel(S2 Star vs Ep.21)

Ep.25-Illegal tobor(S2 Star vs Ep.23)

Ep.26-Cheetah Raid(S2 Star vs Ep.28)

Ep.27-Jenny the Weasel(S2 Star vs Ep.30)

Ep.28-Viking Dimension(S2 Star vs Ep.31)

Ep.29-Tree Glitch(S2 Star vs Ep.34)

Ep.30-Solid Nuke(S2 Star vs Ep.39)

Ep.31-Faze Fish(S2 Star vs Ep.40)

Ep.32-Beyond the Selfie(S2 Star vs Ep.41)