Boss-Spike Fish,King Frog,Wolfer,Prince Geese,Ghoul King,Queen Stiper,King Batty,Vapire Duck,Crocer,Sqeak,King Fly

Charaters-Peguin,Baby Duck,King Cheep Geese,Mega king cheep geese,Quack,Quacka,Quacko,Quacky,Blob,owl

Enimies-Bone Frog,Bone Toad,Hemelt Frog,Toad Snail,Para Toad,Frog,Batter,Cacter,Clash Clam,Clone Quack,Crash Stone,Croc Jr,Fishy,Fly,Frog,Glower,Green Fog,Horn Frog,Horn Toad,Horno,Ivy Sprout,Monkey,Nany,Oaker,Pary Bug,Para Fly,Porker,Puffy,Skely Bone,Slimmer,Snabra,Snail,Sparko,Sting,Stiper,Turtle,crower,crusher cannon,crusher,fishy sting,flammer,lipper,stinger

Objects-Bubble Duck,Rock Dude,Bomb,Breath Underwater

1.Grass-Hay Day,Bouncey Trunk,Lots of SeeSaw,Prince Trap,Cloud Kite,Tropical Button,Tree House Swing,Long way fur.

2.Swamp-Slimey Pad,Branch Horns,Pad of junky,Sticky web Hole,vine flower,haunted hut,high vine sky,shoul at night

3.Cave-Stick is one fire,rocky lake,rail way,now who’s the stiper,magnet blast,pipe jones,construction cart feather,batty situwartion

4.Sewer-Lakey Lake,Squeak or swim,death water,mouse in the house,waterfall sneak,muddlepuddle pipe,ninja quack and turtule,king of ladders,Lake of swamp,trunks and monsters

5.Jungle-Leave vine,bridge skull,wing fog foo,king toad vines,giga bog death,night horn leave,trunk sptrint sporut,

6.Park-Playground,Junky Trunk,Return of froest,spike final fish,bit arcade,night watch street,final stage lava,king geese battle,

1.Grass-Smash Dash Flash,Spike Ball Cart,Train Slide,QUack Attack,Cannon Lake,Swampy monster,Night out,Prince frog revenge fortress

2.Snow-Snowy trunks,crack up escape,chhaos crystal,geese frost tower,freez off cave,Icey storm snow,race snow kart,Fortress of frozen,

3.Lake-Tropical Lake,Bubble up fish,underwater cave cove,ghouls in the sea ship,starfish treasure hunt,rail way suck,aqua trunk,atlatis castle shark


Levels-neighborhood,pond,town,farm,palins,moutain,wods,highway,sea,cottages,city,bridge,subway,theatre,restaunt,road,sky,firework grass,expressway,lighting sky,factory,tunnel,river,city

Quack Dark Age

Ideas-Rag Doll,Zombie People,Phyco People,

Sabrina,Creepy Butterfly,Courage the coward Dog

Creepy Hamster,TAWOG the joy,Clone,

Puppetmaster,Invader zim dark harverst

French Frie Man,VR gal,FNaf animatronics,

Vector Game,Canablat movie,temple run the movie

Charaters-Coop,Millie,Mr Cat,Fiona


W1-Town(Boss-Mr Cat/Robot Cat)

Quest 1-Build a fort

Quest 2-Control the airplane

Quest 3-Make a Magic Trip

Quest 4-Mow the grass

Quest 5-UFO Game

Quest 6-Kirate lessons

Quest 7-Capture the flag

Quest 8-Destory Mr Cat

W2-Forest(Boss-Allergy Monster)

Quest 1-Swat the bugs

Quest 2-Explore the cave

Quest 3-Card Game

Quest 4-Creek Minigame

W3-Paris(Boss-Flea Monster)

Quest 1-Golf Challenge

Quest 2-Explore the kitty tomb

Quest 3-Soccer game

Quest 4-Explore the Junkyard

Quest 5-Explore the Sewer

Quest 6-Music Game

Quest 7-Explore the Train station

Quest 8-Shrink the flea monster)

W4-Bigfoot Moutains(Mr.Cheeks/Botty Guard)

Quest 1-Chilly Skate Game

W5-Spooky Zone(T Rex Size Bull)

Quest 1-Explore the blacken place

W6-Owl Lake(Shark Tron and Mr.Kitten)

Quest 1-Explore the beach

Quest 2-Habor Level

W7-Cat Land

Quest 1-Explore the Cat Land

Quest 2-Megalomaniac level

Quest 3-Giga Tree Level

Quest 4-Lava Cave

Quest 5-Roller Brawl level

Quest 6-Temple Level

Quest 7-Canyon Level

Quest 8-Hair Brain Monster defeat


Quest 1-Rehab level

Quest 2-Security castle

Quest 3-Space Train express

Quest 4-Ant Lab level

Quest 5-Rain/Fog City level

Quest 6-Underwater sub level

Stuff of legend comic

Quack Ideas



Enimies-Chain ball frog,Frog toge,Frog,Para frog

Spike ball,STIPER,termite,Toad



Grass Plains,Barn tree stone,London city view

Underground cave dig,Space rocket left,River jungle maze,Lab science death,Lava rock lounge

Brittney Rubio,EvilGuy019,HeavyMetalRocker1988

Lemmy anan gam,Nerdy Nummies,Kevin macleod there is it


PowerPuff Girls seires

the main drain,buried in time,krusty dogs,the wreck of the mauna loa,Oral Report,Sqaureapnts family vaction,bubble trouble,bubble buddy returns,glove world rip,

The robot and the dinosaur

Mars,Space station,Poison Planet,

Dirt Planet,Circus Planet,Mecyry,Nightmare Planet

Desert Planet

Mice Squad:Box battle

1.Cardboard,Foil,Magic,Invisible Box




Meany Stiper

Meany Mouse

Electric Stiper

Ghost Mouse

Mecha Mouse

Quack ideas

Worlds-Grass,Forest,China,Jungle beach,Sewer,Sky,Castle

Battles-Cat,Dog,Kong Man,Mad Monkey,Robot creatures,Giga man,Fire dragon

Characters-Micenut(Main),Cheese(Mini mouse),Hanana(Girl mini mouse),Sparkla(Girl Mouse)

Quack:Once upon a duck

Story-In the quack world they transport in mystery land and they need 8 scolls the complete the project of the legendary book and they need to explore different book world tales to save the scroll

Q.O.U.A.D (Quack:Once upon a duck)

QOUAD 2:Wonders in the land

Quack:Ab-Duction Planet

Chaters-Quack,Quacko,Quacky,Quack Pam,Meep,Maap

Worlds-Quack Land,Seas,Desert,Future,Space,City

Bosses-King Cheep geese,Octi puss,Sand Worm,Mecha Geese,King Captain Waap,Mecha Captain waap

Level 5 in worlds

Quack and Bozo games:

Bozo 2:Return of the pandas


Battles-Mean bee,Cra Cra Bun(Bunny),Batty bat,Creepy Stipers,Alien Bob,Wizard,

Bozo:Run Road(Crash)



Bozo:Play way(Crash 2)


Quack: Ghouls(Luigui mansion)

Story-It starts off with ghost summoning and its up to the quack peeps to stop the ghosts


Quack:Super Shine


Npcs-Foesta palma(Pianta)

Cala sea(Noki)

Monte Massimo(Piantissimo)

Taunki dog(Raccon)

Plot-The quack team arrive at fun fun isle to visit Rachel bell and then a ship arrives with a group of going to destroy the isle of fun fun isle and its up to quack to save Rachel and the isle from the be destroy and quack finds a train called isle express which you need seed coins to unlock places in fun fun isle


Insingnia shine(Star)

Pump Pour(Water gun)

Medal shine(Coin)

Spring Stand(Tranpoline)

Enimies-Pico papero(Duck)

Bow pup(Dog)

Kurage fish(Blooper)

Rolling Slime(Slime pirhana)

Plung chu(Big Duck)

Fat ghoul(Boo)

Moenu stub

Eggy turtle


Atomic lue(Bomb)

Blubbem bloup(blooper)

Bomba soldier(Bomb)

Telesa hoo(Big boo)

Sleuth bill(Bullet)

Pallottola spy(Bullet)

Boule dog(Dog)

Auqa phew(Fish)

Venus snap(Pirhna)

Saboten bola(Cactus)

Boluet block(Boo block)

Worlds-Isle plaza(Hub)

Green Parco Dune(W1)

1-1(To the big mill)

1-2(Down with Packun flora-petey pirhana)

1-3(The hill with a cave)

1-4(The dirty mucus lake-Marcio squid)

1-5(Dark antiduck on are loose)

1-6(The river of seeds)

Espresso Dock(W2)

2-1(Blue bloop into the zone)

2-2(Surf squids safari)

2-3(Caged spirte sun)

2-4(Oro tower mystery- Robo Geese)

2-5(Gloop’s Counterattack)

2-6(Sea seed rally way)

2-7(Watering the shore)

2-8(Tropic obolus)

Lido Cream sea(W3)

3-1(The flower buds)

3-2(Inside the sand-Taupe talpa)

3-3(Titling the crazy mirros)

3-4(The steaming worm)

3-5(Birth of a legend)

3-6(Softly sand race)

3-7(The coral reef)

3-8(Anti duck is found)

3-9(Giga melon contest)

3-10(Score the goal)

Auricle Mia park(W4)

4-1(The mecha geese)

4-2(Launch to the secret)

4-3(Pirates and cats)

4-4(Wilted flowers)

4-5(Discording the wheel)

4-6(Riding the dino)

4-7(The morgana of antiduck)

4-8(Ballon breaking)

Jocund sand harbor(W5)

5-1(The storm stinge)

5-2(Invasion of flood)

5-3(Lobby of ghouls-bekkeu king)

5-4(Labyrinth hotel)

5-5(Fun at the casino)

5-6(The prince awaits you)

5-7(The clean clock)

5-8(Riding the mare)

Radiant Paradiso(W6)

6-1(Aiming the cork)

6-2(Mazy ruin trick)

6-3(Keeper of that book-Lillo Anguille)

6-4(Dark decay plumb)

6-5(Swim sprint)

6-6(Antiduck returns)

Monte Fuoco (W8)

8-1 The loosen puppies

8-2 The mayor flame

8-3 Under the side

8-4 The palm jeopardy

8-5 AntiDuck goes cra cra

8-6 Red Fluff tour

8-7 The deep bath

8-8 To the material top(Boss-Black fog)

Quack:Super shine 2(Darkness isle-Fantendo Mario sunshine)

Plor-After the events of the frist game quack returns and then after the recovery of the island their were other places to explore and stop king cheep geese


Coco lake-W1(Spiked erizo)

Palm Dome-W2(Packun flora)

Melon mountain-W3(General Gallo)

Raggie Racoon cave-W4(King Lagarta hana)

Scoprion temple-W5(Mutant packun flora)

Freezet park-w6(Bamboleo bump)

Lacrima parco-W7(Slamming Tiburon and Calamaro ink)

Erto factory-W8(King cheep geese)

Quack ideas

Worlds-Grass,Forest,China,Jungle beach,Sewer,Sky,Castle

Battles-Cat,Dog,Kong Man,Mad Monkey,Robot creatures,Giga man,Fire dragon

Characters-Micenut(Main),Cheese(Mini mouse),Hanana(Girl mini mouse),Sparkla(Girl Mouse)

Quack:Once upon a duck

Story-In the quack world they transport in mystery land and they need 8 scolls the complete the project of the legendary book and they need to explore different book world tales to save the scroll

Q.O.U.A.D (Quack:Once upon a duck)

QOUAD 2:Wonders in the land

Quack And Bozo Ideas

Game Idea-Home sheep home(Aardmark)

Shape Shfiter(

3 pandas(Flash team- Vadim Pecherskiy)

Super chick sisters(Peta)

Music-Minecraft(Mojang), Terria(505 games)

P vs Z(Pop cap)

Super Mario bros(Nintendo)

Limbo(Play dead)

Feist(Finji- Tomek Kolczynski)

Braid(Hothead Games)

Bad land(Frogmind)

World of goo(2D boy)

Crash bandicoot(Playdead)


Banjo kazooie(Rare)

SMB,Issac(Team Meat)

Phish,Alexander ahura

Becky baxter,Mozart,Andres Segovia,Debussy

Johann Sebastian

Corelli adagio

Amy beach


Trad, Valve

Meyer,Daniel Rosenfeld

Pachelbel, Uncle moon

Bozo Domination

Plot-Bozo’s friends want to create a mansion of their own so they take a lot of stuff to build their mansion.

End-Bozo’s mansion is ready but it was destroyed by the geese then bozo’s girl friend made a surprise of bozo’s new mansion.

Zone 1-Cat Town(Market,Musuem,Hospital,Mall)

Zone 2-Ostrich Industries (Airport,Airport,Desert,Hospital,Market)

Zone 3-Cow Canyon(Night,Mall,Desert,Factory,Airport)

Zone 4-Dog Park(Park,Lake,Shop,Forest,Mall,Plaza,)

Zone 5-Bunny Plaza(Mall,Junkyard,Factory,Desert,Plaza,Mall)

Zone 6-Geese acres(Town,Factory,Airport,Town,Jungle)

Bozo Domination 2:Takeover terror

The robot and the dinosaur


1.Grassy cave

2.Prehistroic  zone

3.Portal zone

4.Haunt city

5.Sea zone

6.Ice zone

7.Bone zone

8.Dark zone

#Platforms,Lifter,Faith plate,Crusher,Funnels,Bridge,Vent


Powers-Dash,Long jump,Teleport,Stich on wall,

#Minigame-Portal 2 science is fun

#World map-Portal 2 99

#Night city-Portal 2 techinal difficulties

#Sewer-Portal 2 overgrowth

#Libray-Portal 2 ghost of rattman

#Grass room-Portal 2 haunted panels

#Snowy forest-Portal 2 haunted panels

#Space ship-Portal 2 there she is

#Cutsence-Portal 2 you know her

#Computer game-Portal 2 freindy fiath plate

#Stormy paris-Portal 2 15 acres of broken glass

#Paris watchtower-Portal 2 love as a construct

#Fire escape-Portal 2 I saw a deer today

#Ravine-Portal 2 hard sunshine

#Into the factory-Portal 2 im different

#Loading screen-Portal 2 adrenal vapor

#Metting the manikins-Portal 2 turret wife serenade

#Space world-Portal 2 I made it all up

#Moutain-Portal 2 comedy tragedy time

#Dusty tomb-Portal 2 triple lazer phase

#Detecive hunt-Portal 2 you will be perfect

#Incoming call-Portal 2 halls of science 4

#Music house-Portal 2 bots build bots

#Boss battle-Portal 2 anncent beyond

#Lights out-Portal 2 robot ghost story

#Mechinal tree house-Portal 2 die cut lazer dance

#Cutsence-Portal 2 turret redemption line

#Palm road-Portal 2 bring your daughter to work day

#Meeting the anitagonist-Portal 2 almost at fifty percent

#Submarine sunkup-Portal 2 don’t do it

#Blocked hunt-Portal 2

#Rocky Cave-Portal 2 Vitrication order

#Mechinal castle-Portal 2 music of the sphres

#Computer game 2-Portal 2 you’re not part of the control group

#Meeting friends-Portal 2 Forwading the cause of sciece

#Junkyard-Portal 2 potato lamet

#Floating land-Portal 2 the reunion

#Mechincal Ship-Portal 2 music of the sphres 2

#Object collection-Portal reconstructing more scince

#Scince lab-Portal 2 whealty scince

#Dark cemetery-Portal 2 fraken turrets

#Funnel ride-Portal 2 excurion funnel

#Chamber test-Portal 2 test

#Into an computer-Fnaf world underneath

#Captain’s alein-Portal 2 the part where he kilsl you

#Ufo-Portal 2 omg what has he done

#Battling the boss-Portal 2 final boss

#Escape the ufo-Portal 2 your precious moon

#Back on earth-Portal 2 caro deleted

#Credits-Portal 2 some assembly requred

#Cake-Portal 2 you saved scince

#Main menu-Portal mel interfacing

#Rush out-My little portal testers

#Exit the train-Portal mel arrival

Area game

Main menu-Portal mel Interfacing

Trailer theme-My little portal testers

World map(Portal 2-9999)

Manikin meet-Portal 2 halls of scince 4

Pause screen-Portal 2 adrenal vapor

Boss battle-Portal 2 an accent beyond

Captain ship-Portal 2 don’t do it

Final boss-Portal 2 final boss

Ending-Portal 2 caroline deleted

Credits-Portal 2 some assembly required

Area 1-Tree zone(Portal 2-Technical Difficulties)

Minigame,Run game,Train station,House lit,Day tree,

Fire trees,Tree house,Chamber

Area 2-Clocks zone(Portal 2-Ghost of rattman)

Moving clocks,Factory,Shooter room,Float room,

Clock master,Funnel,Radio,

Area 3-Ice zone(Portal 2 Haunted panels)

Glitch game,Into the vents,Lava,Firestorm,

Area 4-Ghoul zone

Run game,Ghost appear,Roof,Ghost battle,Pianom,

Captain ship,Fraken,Funnel,Radio,

Ghost battle-Portal 2 you’ll be perfect

Area 5-Cave zone

Sewer,Bunker,Mud run,Junkyard,Crystal land,Funnel

Area 6-Rocky world

Rock cave,Gold mine,Lament,Elevator,Rock storm

Glitch game

Area 7-Portal zone(Portal 2 tralier music)

Run game,Teleport,Funnel,

Area 8-Dark zone

Glitch game,Captain ship,Engin,Into the ufo,Escape the ufo


1.City(New York)


2.Snowy forest(Arabian)







Ideas-Space ride,













W7-City(Rock Guitar)

Boss-Evan sykler




Boss-Mechar Monkey

Destin birds

1.Destin birds(Normal)

2.Destin Birds(Hard mode-Lazer move)

3.Destin Birds(Adventure mode-Wing mode)

4.Destin Birds(Peaceful mode-Air mode)

5.Destin Birds(Premium mode-Wing mode)

6.Destin birds(3D mode-Roll mode)

7.Destin Birds(Demon Mode-Zoom mode)

Quack And Bozo:Attack of the mechas(Undertale,Kirby Planet robobot,Power puff girls movie)

Charaters-Quack gang,Quack Mechas,

Area 1-Forest Zone(Big trunk mak)

Area 2-City Zone(Boom beat babe-Mettatton)

Area 3-Liquid zone(Mad Clank monk)

Area 4-Sand Zone(Holo tanodo)

Area 5-Rocky Zone(Stone wing girl)

Area 6-Bone Zone(Roskull boy-Sans)

Area 7-Ice Zone(Ice shine blockade)

Area 8-Space Zone(R.E.C.K Geese)

Area S-Lava Zone(Metal Cap.bone-Papyrus)

Quack:Epic RPG Nation


Battles-Elemental shadow peeps(7),Evan sykler

Cool ideas


2.Bravely Default

3.Amnesia: The Dark Descent

4.Valkyria Chronicles

5. Dust: An Elysian Tale

6.LoZ: Ocarina of Time

7.Pokemon Red/Blue


9.Grim Fandango

10. The Swapper

11. Persona Q

12. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

13.The Binding of Isaac

14.Ori and the Blind Forest

15.Busou Renkin


Chapter 1-Alone in the dark

Chapter 2-Incedent at a forest

Chapter 3-Escape the city

Chapter 4-Trap in Darkness

Chapter 5-Hospital killer

Chapter 6-Creepy Slime

Chapter 7-House at none way

Chapter 8-Mansion trap

Chapter 9-Van Ride

Chapter 10-Beyond the lises

The robot and the dinosaur Ideas


Quack:The Huge Journey(Peta games,Papa louie)

Charaters-Quack,Quacko,Quackie,Quack pam

Evan S. Khalyer and Mary S. kawol

Story-One day king cheep geese watches Rox news and sees that quack pam has been kidnapped but prince geese could not rescue them because they were defeated by the quack team,Ok group lets go get quack pam,You need to hurry doctor I need to save quack pam in time

Powers-Jump,Duck,Double jump,Pound,Hammers



Plot-Hey quack,Do you know that the ducks are being sensitive of they deading its painful the birds are stressed from it.Thank goodness you’re here quack the ducks are being dead and their awake from the feathers of.We have seen some broken wings and the birds have babies killed

Cutsence-Theres been some smoke


Plot-You’re in time of stopping them,Things are getting bad here quack the company has





Quack:Epic adventure

W1-Green zone


Boss-Prince geese

W2-Savana zone

Levels-Drawing,Cave,Desert,Night desert,Castle(Fire,Snow,Rain,lava)

Boss-Worm king

W3-Water isle

Levels-Island,Sea,Night sea,Volcano,Airship

Boss-Robot geese and Electric geese,

W4-Froze ice

Levels-Wood land,Cold forest,Snow athelic,Snow race,Castle(Fire,Desert,mansion,Night,Rain)

Boss-Airship with prince geese,Mecha geese



Boss-Lazer geese,


Levels-Jungle,Fire forest,Lava,Factory(Paper,Fog,Lava,)

Boss-King cheep geese

Quack and Bozo:

W1-Ducky Forest land(Boss-King mole,)

W2-Dusty snow(Boss-Sand Pirhana,Mecha snowman)

W3-Lily lake(Boss-King crab,Gloopy octu)

W4-Glitch screen(Boss-Glitch geese,Glitch Mecha)

W5-Circus Funhouse(Boss-Airship cap,Wiz,Prince geese)

W6-Farm field(Boss-Mecha hog,Mecha bear,Mecha wizard)

W7-Light mansion(Boss-Batty bat,Vampiry)

W8-Techzone(Boss-Bomb King,Mecha duck,Mecha panda)

W9-Factory fortress(Boss-Mecha King Geese,Mecha man)


Quack And Bozo:Warrior wizards


W1-Forest,Snow,Beach,Ice Beach


W2-Cave,Snow cave,Space,Desert


W3-Swampland,Jungle,Mushroom,Mushroom cave




W5-Fire forest,Mushroom cave,Jungle cave,Desert cave


W6-Lava cave,Fanatasy,Glitch,Fanatasy cave


W7-Factory cave,Rain,Night desert,Sky


W8-Bee hive,Jungle temple,Snow temple,Crystal cave




Where my adventure

Book 1-Quetzal story(Water)

Ch.1-Frist days(Use water for hands)

Ch.2-Dive time(Try to find water for pool)

Ch.3-Road hunt(Q finds a bottle and needs water for it for a collection)

Ch.4-Ball throw(Q meets his friends and play with water bubbles but needs water)

Ch.5-Fire house(Q sees a fire and needs water)

Ch.6-Fish sweet(Q goes fishing and needs water for a fish)

Book 2-Zack story(Ink)

Ch.1-Food pressure(Zack needs to make food but needs ink to kill rats)

Ch.2-Sticky thin(Zack needs glue to make a project)

Ch.3-Fire and ice(Zack needs ice for a snowball)

Ch.4-Sky high(Zack needs air to ride his paper airplane)

Ch.5-Party pain(Zack needs to make a cake for a party)

Ch.6-Fog storm(Zack needs fire to make a campfire for his trip)

Book 3-Bella story(Lighting)

Ch.1-Broken game(Bella finds energy for console)

Ch.2-Air ride(Bella needs smoke for his jetpack)

Ch.3-Flood change(Bella finds ink in her room and gets a vacuum but needs smoke)

Ch.4-Physic zone(Bella needs energy for gym)

Ch.5-Music tune(Bella needs energy for here piano)

Ch.6-Rock and roll(Bella needs energy for her guitar)

The impossible quiz question 13

SMG4 ssendmodar

Quiz questions

q and a questions

video game trivia questions and answers

video game trivia

video game questions

trivia questions

iq questions

Quack and bozo:Morph Mutation

W1-Forest(Mutant lizard)

W2-Swamp(Mutant crocodile)

W3-Caves(Mutant wombat)

W4-Savana(Mutant Kangaroo)

W5-Jungle(Mutant monkey)

W6-Snow(Mutant polar bear)

W7-Ruins(Mutant tiger)

W8-Factory(Mutant geese)

Quackie World


Worlds-Quack land,City,Zoo,Forest,Jungle,Junk yard

Battles-King bots(5),King Cheep Geese

Quack:Flash attack 2(Pony island)

Story-One Day,The Quack group were haging out in there tree house when they got a oldschool game called Feather journey by MammelTech and they wanted to play it then they got sucked into the game.

Charaters-Quack,Quackie,Quacko,Quack pam

NPCS-King cheep geese,Game master,Rachel

W0-Tutorial mode-Kick)

W1-Normal mode-Duck(Owl)

W2-Adventure Mode-Fly(Demon king)

W3-Dark Mode-Throw feathers(Mecha Geese)

W4-Peacefull Mode-Air blow(Angel)

W5-Premium mode-Punch(Ducky)

W6-Glichted mode-Teleport(King cheep geese)

W7-Devil mode-Zooming(Game Master)

Wbonus-Space Mode-Galaxy(Paradox portal)

Dreamwork Ideas

Quack Camera Attack (Shrek 2)

Quack Crash Racers (Shrek Smash n Crash Racing)

Quack Super Racers (Dreamwork Super Racers)

Quack Craze Party (Shrek's Carnival Craze Party Games)


Quack and Bozo fan game

Quack and bozo(Mario and luigui 5)

1.King Frog(Quack),Mecha Frog(Quack),Mewy(Bozo),king mouser(Bozo),Mecha Mouse(Bozo),(Bozo)King Monkey

2.(Bozo)Dragoner,(Quack)Goaty,(Quack)Mecha Geese,(Quack)Geese Druid,(Bozo)Ghoul boy,(Bozo)ghoul girl=Sonic ghost girl

3.(Bozo)Mecha ghost,(Quack)Prince geese Robot Geese,(Bozo)Yeti,(Bozo)Raybidd,(Bozo)Mecha Bunny

4.(Quack)Gorille,(Quack)Skull bunny,(Quack)Emo ducks,(Bozo)Emo Pandas,(Quack)King cheep geese,(Quack)Mecha King Geese,(Bozo)Evan Sykler

Quack:Flash Attack(Acid Bunny)



2.Bozo:Lunar moon

4.Quack:Once upon a duck(Super why)

Quack Kickers(Mario strikers)

Quack:Kickers EXTREME

6.Bozo:Bashes Back(Crash 4)

7.Quack:Amibtion crew(Crash 5)

8.Quack:Titan land(Crash titans)

9.Quack:Morph Mutants(Animal Jam,Crash Mutanuts)

10.Bozo:Crounty Land(Dk 64)

11.Bozo:Tropic Isle(Reuturns,Tropical Freeze)

12.Quack:Epic Dream(Kirby Return of dream land,Epic Yarn)

13.Quack:Rainbow clay(Kirby Rainbow curse)

14.Bozo:Citter Creep(Pikmin 1-3)

15.Bozo:Unleash dark(Sonic unleashed,Sonic colors)

16.Quack:Age of generations(Sonic Boom,Sonic generations)

17.Bozo:Dragon age(Sypro hero tail)

18.Bozo:Blind dig(Binding of isaac)

19.Bozo:Pogers(Mario tennis)

20.Quack:Water Cubes(Mario sunshine)

21.Quack:Planet(Mario galaxy)

22.Quack:Sluggers(Mario baseball)