Ep.1-Starter Plans(Garden Ops)

Maps:Suburban Flats,Chomp Town,Jewel Junction

Plants:Peashooter,SunFlower,Chomper,Crazy Dave

Enimies-Yeti,Zombie,Cone Zombie,Bucket Zombie,Flag Zombie

Easter Egg-Human Imp

Ep.2-Gargantuar Battle

Plants-Fire Pea,Ice Pea,Fire Cactus

Enimies-Blitzer,Giga Imp,Gargantuar,Screen Door Zombie,Screen Door Cone Zombie

Map:Wallnut Hills,Seeds of Time

Easter Egg-Spongebob

Ep.3-Gargantuar's New Weapon

Plants-Ice Cactus,Garlic Drone,

Maps:Port ScallyWag,Sharkbite Shores,Zomboss Estate,

Enimies-Bucket Pirate,Cone Pirate,Flag Pirate,Pirate Zombie,Giga Gargantuar

Easter Egg-SLender Man

Ep.4-Gnome Bomb Invasion(Potted Plants)

Plants-Pea Cannon,Galtling Pea,Bonk Choy

Maps:Frosty Creek,Time Park,Colizeum

Enimies-Disco Zombie,Newspaper Zombie,Exploding Imp,Coffin Zombie,Barrel Zombie

Easter Egg-Minecraft

Ep.5-Taco Bandits

Plants-Fume Shroom,Snap Dragon,Ice Peashooter

Maps:Lunar Landing,Zen Peak,Aqua Center

Zombies-Vampire Zombie,Yeti Imp,Cheiftain

Easter Eggs-Bugs Bunny

Ep.6-Peashooter's Abilities

Plants-Fire Peashooter,Bamboo Shoot,Lazor Bean

Maps:Sandy Sands,Boney Island

Zombies-Baron von Bats

Easter Eggs-Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

Ep.7-Zombies Rise

Zombies-Foot Solider,Engineer,Scientist

Maps:Cactus Canyon,Driftwood Shores,Main Street,

Easter Eggs-Giant Shark

Ep.8-Zomboss Strike

Zombies-All Star,Artic Trooper,Dr.Toxic,Giga Zombie Robot

Maps:Z tech Factory

Ep.9-Walking the plank

Zombies-Baseball Star,Zombot Drone,Imp Punt

Maps:Frosty Creek,Moon Base Z,Lunar Landing

Ep.10-Zombie Takeover

Plants-Rock Peashooter,Plasma Pea,Bomb Pea

Zombies-Karate Zombie,

Maps:Squa Center,Great White North,Zomburbia

Ep.11-Foot Solider's Revenge

Plants-Citron,Rose,Kernel Corn,


Ep.12-Infinity Time

Plants-Frozen Citro,Fire Rose,Frost Rose

Enimies-Giga Torchwood,Gnomes,Gnome King

Ep.13-Flag of Power(New Year's Special)

Plants-Torchwood,Electro Pea,Lighting Reed

Enimies-Super Bean

Ep.14-The War


Enimies-Royal Hypno Flower

Ep.15-Angry Birds(Crossover)

Enimies-Pig,Helment pig,Foreman pig,King Pig,Chef Piggy

Ep.16-All Stars(Zombie Mode)

Zombies-Captain Deadbeard,Super Brainz,Hover Goat 3000


Ep.17-Final Assault

Ep.18-Ending the War