Talk about the emoji movie wiki,critical response,and electric dragon 505

Talk about Tv Tropes

Original gonna go emoji faces but was stupid and do everything is awesome for ending plus rick and morty season ending

1.Writer's thoughts the sunglass segment was ok?

Response:WTF WHY!

2.They want the movie to be open for big and small with a little of SPACE Response:Space does not happen on your phone

3.He used his phone to look for data not the web and They start on the people not emoji’s

Response:No comment

4.The moral of how to commute with people and for emoji’s to help him


5.They think the donut joke was funny

Response:It’s Cringy

6.The Clock emoji

Response:It reminds me of DHMIS

7.The Fist bump emoji

Response:The joke before was point less since their all ready is a emoji like that

8.The ancient letters say thank you to sony

Response: Why, You do realize they could have cancelled it

9.They took it place in chicago

Response:Chicago is in ruins!

10.They all most say swear words

Response:BUT THEY DO NOT,Which pisses me off

11.They think humor so sad parts is funny

Response:Excuse me? 12.They thought he did well in the movie

Response: He should be doing way better things than that

13.The Transformies were originally stop signs and relate them to japanese samurai.Also a stop sign does appear in the movie

Response:Those are not scary duu and their robots not ninjas, that’s is still so dumb

14.They think pushing a good charaters away is comedy

Response:Middle Finger

15.They say everyone loves puppies

Response:A FRICKEN DOG BITE ME and almost gave me rabies

16.They do a game play for candy crush

Response:Everyone knows how to play candy crush

17.They think that the main character dying is the end of movie but they don’t wanna do that

Response:Is this cinemasins?

18.They think romance would be good

Response:It’s cringy

Emoji's are used for commercials