Legend of Zelda Books

Bk.1-Legend of Zelda

Games-Skyward Sword/Minish Cap/Four Swords

Bk.2-Ocarina of Time

Games-Ocarina of Time

Bk.3-Wind Waker

Games=Wind Waker/Navi Tracker/Tingle’s Ballon

Bk.4-Phatom Hourglass

Games=Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

Bk.5-Twilight Princess

Games=Majora Mask/Twilight Princess/Hyrule Ad

Bk.6-Breath of the Wild

Games=Hyrule Warriors/Breath of the Wild

Novella 1-A Link to the Past

Games-ALTTP/Oracle of seasons and Ages

Novella 2-A Link between worlds

Games-Link Awakening/Anicent stone tabelts/ALBW

Novella 3=Triforce Legacy

Games-Game & Watch,Animated Series,Comics

Novella 4=Faces of Evil

Games=Faces of Evil/Wand of Gamelon/Zelda Ad

Novella 5=Last Stand Journey

Games=LOZ 1,Third QUest,Adventure of Link