1.My Thoughts on Miraculous LadyBug(Is Friendship is Magic going through Seasonal Rot?)

It's safe to say that Miraculous LadyBug and Cat Noir is controversial.

2.My Thoughts on Park Manager's Lunch(Life of Brain)

3.My Thoughts on Town and Out(Why I don't Like see me,Feel me,Gnome me

4.My Thoughts on The girl who cried gnome (Daring Don't)

5.My Thoughts on The Real Thomas(Flight in the Finish)

6.My Thoughts on Polly Pocket(Christmas Guy)

7.My Thoughts on Trading Day(Jurassic Bark)

8.My Thoughts on 420(Power Ponies)

9.My Thoughts on Capture the Kat(Bats)

10.My Thoughts on Tentacle Vision(Rarity Takes Manehattan)

11.My Thoughts on Over the Garden Wall(Pinkie Apple Pie)

12.My Thoughts on Rise and Shine(Rainbow Falls)

13.My Thoughts on Wild Grinders(Theere's a Crowd)

14.My Thoughts on The Last Train(Pinkie Pride)

15.My Thoughts on DeadTime Stories Plot(Simple Ways)

16.My Thoughts on WhatNot:Search for Answers(Fillia Vanilla)

17.My Thoughts on Totally Rickall(Twilight Time)

18.My Thoughts on The Joy(It Ain't Easy Being Breezies)

19.My Thoughts on Burrito(It came from Goo Lagoon)

20.My Thoughts on Bring Me the Butt of Silas(Somepony to watch over me)

21.My Thoughts on Chez Army(Maud Pie)

22.My Thoughts on Go Animated the Movie(For Who the Sweetie Bells)

23.My Thoughts on Nickledeon (NICK)

24.My Thoughts on Project Zomboid (Project Zomboid)

25.My Thoughts on Comic Butt Convetion(Putting Your Hoof Down)

26.My Thoughts on The Boy who would be queen(Trade Ya)

27.My Thoughts on Soos and the real girl(Inspiration Manifestation)

28.My Thoughts on Attack of the Clowns(Equestria Games)

29.My Thoughts on Dan Vs(Dan vs)

30.Impressions on BirdsofDestiny(Random Facts about me)

31.Impressions on Bullying(One Bad Apple's Bullying Portrayal)

32.My Thoughts on Statue of Limitations(Patrick Man)

33.My Thoughts on Uncle Grandpa(Uncle Grandpa)

34.My Thoughts on Star vs(Star Vs)

35.Impressions of Animation(Animation History Mr Enter)

36.Impressions of Underrated Things(Mr enter underrated things)

37.My Thoughts on Attack of the Clowns(Zootopia)

38.Impressions of Writing(Adventures in Writing)