Season 1-ToonCrap

Ep.1-Equestria Girls

Ep.2-Little & Big Monsters

Ep.3-Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show

Ep.4-Mortal Kombat:The Journey Begins

Ep.5-The Simpsons:Bart to the Future

Ep.6-Legend of the Hawaiian Slammers

Ep.7-Top 10 Best Cartoons

Ep.8-Allen Gregory

Ep.9-Cindrella 2

Ep.10-Captain Planet:Population Bomb

Ep.11-Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue

Ep.12-Rubix The Amazing Cube

Ep.13-Doozy Bots

Ep.14-Doug's First Movie

Ep.15-Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows

Ep.16-The Care Bears and the Land Without Feelings

Ep.17-Top 10 Best India Cartoons

Ep.18-The Lorax

Ep.19-Top 10 Best Cartoon Characters

Ep.20-The Simpsons Pilot:Original Version

Ep.21-All-Star Rock & Wreslting Saturday Spectacular

Ep.22-The Rosey & Buddy Show

Ep.23-Top 10 Over rated cartoon shows

Ep.24-Captain Planet:The NES Game

Ep.25-South Park:Pip

Ep.26-Little Princess School

Ep.27-Eight Crazy Nights

Ep.28-Top 10 Best Cartoon Channels

Ep.29-Bebe's Kids the Movie

Ep.30-Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Shows

Ep.31-Bebe's Kids The Game

Ep.32-The Simpsons:Boys of Bummer

Ep.33-Madballs Gross Jokes

Ep.34-Inspector Gadget 2

Ep.35-Top 10 Cartoon Writers

Ep.36-Captain Planet:A Formula for Hate

Ep.37-Family Guy:Stewie is Enciente

Ep.38-Legend of Oz:Dororthy Returns

Ep.39-Top 10 Funniest Cartoons

Ep.40-Ren and Stimpy:Adult Party Cartoon:Stimpy Pregant

Ep.41-Top 10 Nickleon Cartoons

Ep.42-Captain N:The Game Master How Bayou

Ep.43-MLP FiM Boast Busters

Ep.44-Spongebob The Splinter

Ep.45-Top 10 Least Funny Cartoon Shows

Ep.46-TMNT:Mr Ogg goes to town

Ep.47-The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3:Kootie Pie Rocks

Ep.48-The Power Team

Ep.49-Pro Stars

Ep.50-Top 10 Cartoons that never should have been cancelled

Ep.51-TTG:Let's Get Serious

Ep.52-Equestria Girls:One Shot Holiday


Ep.54-Pinky,Elmyra & Brain

Ep.55-South Park A Million Little Fibers

Ep.56-MLP NewBorn Cuties:Over two Rainbows

Ep.57-Frosty Returns


Ep.59-Spongebob:A Pal for Gary

Ep.60-Top 10 Worst Moves of Cartoon Network

Season 2









Ep.9-Top 10

Barbarity Animation

Secret of Quan Chi [Mortal Kombat:Defender of the Realm]

Bad Tina [Bob's Burger]

Defeated Graffiti[Hammerman]

Anchorfran[American Dad]

Sir Billi[2012 Movie from Scotland]

Oops, I Did It Agian[PowerPuff Girls]

Hide and Go Freak[Bunsen Is a Beast]

Dream Machine[Superjail]

All Dogs go to Heaven 2[1996 MGM Movie]

Swimming[Peppa Pig]

Smile for the Ed[Ed Edd and Eddy]

Cindy Super Friend[The Brady Kids]

The Flushinator[The Day My Butt Went Pyscho!]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong[Bubsy]

I'm with Stupid[Spongebob Squarepants]

Pins, Spin and Fins! [The Cleveland Show]

Soap Opera [Pucca]

Jeffy's Bad Word [SML]

So Funny I Forgot to Laugh[Arthur]

Unfriended[2014/2015 Movie]

Re Animated[2006 Movie]

The Indigestible Wad[The Ripping Friends]

Battletoads[Dropped Pilot]

The Fight For the Fox Box

Sources From ToonCrap

Attractive Animation

Brother Bear[2003]

The Last Stand[Legend of Korra]


Mr.Grumpy Pants[Super Jail!]

June:Life is Better When You Share the Ride

High Voltage Ninja[Pucca]

Roots[American Dad]

Purple Rain-Union[Bob's Burger]

Smoking and the Bandit[King of the Hill]

Trilogy of Error[The Simpsons]

Let's go to the Hop[Family Guy]

Leela's Homeworld[Futurama]

Day of The Fish[Earthworm Jim]

Road to Rhode Island[Family Guy]

June[Short Film]

The One that Got Away[American Dad]

Mona Leaves-a [The Simpsons]

Banned from the Stand[Chowder]

Mulan[1998 Disney Movie]

Best Burger[Bob's Burger]

Who Done Did It?[The Cleveland Show]

Zoo Mates[1998 Dropped Pilot]

Father Time![The Fairly Oddparents]

Customer Service[The Loony Tunes Show]

Tails New Home[The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog]

Musta been a Beautiful Baby[The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog]

Washing the Dog [Beavis and the Butt-Head]

Breast Cancer Show Ever[South Park]

Ghost[Mystery Skulls]

Cartman Sucks[South Park]

BlackFord Manor[2014 Dropped Pilot]

Do You Princess Toadstool Take This, Koopa? [The Super Mario Super Show]

Meanie Genie[Pac man and the Ghostly Adventures]

Plummer's Academy[The Super Mario Super Show]

Prickles the Cactus[Dropped Pilot]

Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs[Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies]

Castle Bodhran or Bust[Chaotic]

Clum Babies[Drawn Together]

N.R.A.y Ray[Drawn Together]

Role with It[Duckman]

Requiem for a Reality Show[Drawn Together]


The Moutains and Beyond[The World of David the Gnome]

A Kitty Bobo Show[Dropped Pilot]

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers [Looney Tunes]

The Family that Dwelt Apart

Puff in the Land of the Living Lies[Puff the Magic Dragon]

The Perfect Show/Napoleon[Mr.Peaboy and Sherman Show]

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

Curse of the Necklace! [Martin Mystery]

The Tell Tale Heart

Fearless[Wizard of Oz Cartoon]

Garfield Halloween Adventure

The Butter Battle Book

The Black Friday Trilogy [South Park]

Master Monk Guan [Xiaolin Showdown]

The Crack Master [Sesame Street]

Woodland Critter Christmas [South Park]

Christmas Comes but Once a Year

Britney's New Look [South Park]

The Big Snooze[Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies]