FNAM World level showcase

1.Ready for the Mario(Grass,Night)

2.Ride em shrooms(Train espress)

3.Surprise me(Amusment park)

4.Africa land(Savana,Night)

5.Play for fun(Playground,underground)

6.The savanna zoo(Afric zoo,Mini rex save)

7.Flower power(Flower garden,stary night)

8.Game day(Casino)

9.Why it’s fall(Autumn,Puzzle match)


World 2

1.windy sands(Dunnel doom desert)

2.snow on cactus(Snow desert)

3.Run away(Dust tornado,Pirate ship,Maraca dance)

4.High time night(Night,High light pyramid,)

5.Farms and tombs(Grave tombs,cactus farm)

6.Today,we fight(Sword battle,Miniboss)

7.Treasure hunt(River,Bones are alive)

8.Bug Train(Cave,Train)


World 3

1.Ahoy everybody(Island,underground)

2.Village trial(Village,Race)

3.Snow rains(Snow holiday)

4.Sea waves(Sea,dance)


6.Carpet ride(Rainbow,)

7.Sand temple(Golden sand,Temple)

8.Look a train(Express,sea cave)

9.Boat fish(Shark jaws)

10.Grow some plants(Bloom and groom)

11.Wash your car(Car wash)


World 4

1.Acorns field(Acorn arce)

2.Mansion spook(Woods spook)

3.Wood Festiv(Race,Swim)

4.Factory cake(Factory)

5.Party ride(Park,Ride)

6.Arce topia(Pixtiopia,town)

7.River sun(Sun rise,River)

8.Spring egg(Egg zoo,Jingle boune)

9.There’s Smoke!(Fire wood)


World 5

1.Scary house(Mansion,inside)

2.Junk game(junkyard,game)

3.Made me realize the deja vu(Gravity house,shack)

4.Beyond the graves(Graveyard,Chouch)

5.We go to school(school,trick,Kid room)


World 6

1.Mine dirt(Mini throwdown,)

2.Cart mine(Station,Cart power,Road)

3.Holes everywhere(Mircale hole)

4.Crystal cove(jewel cave)

5.Green Mud(Garden,Mud path)

6.Toxi and lava(Toxic and lava)

7.Sticky time(Sticky webs)


World 7

1.Stone game(Temple,Game)

2.liquid and rock(Water,desert,rock,run)

3.Sand slip(sand temple)

4.China and japan(Japan,china,twilight)

5.Liquid returns(Lagoon,game,timer,)

6.Drums and instur(Music)


World 8

1.Snow frost(snow)

2.Skies(Sky,sky ice)

3.Sliping snow(Ice cave)

4.Town cruse(Town,wing),Jazz)

5.White glacier(Sky,Rush)

6.Witer zoo(Snow zoo)

7.Valley with the ground(Valley,Ground,)

8.Fire or ice(Fire and ice,)

9.Ice tricks(Skate,)

10.Air Island(snow island)


World 9

1.It’s a track(Glitch,)

2.Let’s hack(Glitch crontoll<hack attack)

3.Micro bits(festival,)

4.This is a mess(Fast travel)


World 10

1.Up and down(Wind hill)

2.Stars at night(Star night)

3.FREEZE wind(Wind,Town)

4.Sky city(sky city,Carpet)

5.Midnight clouds (Clouds,Sky midnight)

6.There’s magic(Carpet magic)

7.Let’s ride time(Airship)


World 11

1.This is it(Space,)

2.Sky high(Haven,Wish)

3.Central space(Central,Explore)

4.Bridgade captain(Station,UFO)

5.Where cats live(cat land,)

6.Trust me(Asteriods)


World 12

1.The gym(jungle)

2.Cra cra city(Ruins)

3.No snow(Ice,snow)

4.Run away!(Storm)


6.Ruins again?(Ruins)


World 13

Childern Show Dark Furture

Kid vs Kat:Blasteriod Blues

Miraculous ladybug

9 movie

Invader zim The girl who called gnome

Invader zim Door to Door

1st-merimade girl squad sries 1.Search for the 10 sea emerlads

2-Chaters-Mario,Luigui,Toad,Yoshi,Gm,Kid,Toy M,Toy L, Toy Toad,Peach,Witherd M,Witherd L,Witherd Toad,Witherd yoshi,ballon bro,puppet, Shadow M and L,Funtime peach,Ballon bra,Issac,Kids,Toy YoshiBrowser

3-Captain toad,Birdo,Silver,ashley,Rosalina,Toadette

4-Allie ChatersOswat,Ice king,Shadow,Tails,Shadow,Kirby,KrementOlimar,Sonic,Mickey Mouse,Louie

5-Flash Mode IteamsBlocks,Horns,Platform,Wings,Coin,Goomba,Clown Cart,Switch,Fire barMoving platform,falling platform,Rocket engine,Bumper,Grinder,Springboard,Door,Ice Block,Cloud,Note blockSpikes,

6-Flash Mode IteamsLava Bubble,Hammer,Muncher,Skullraft,Arrow,Checkpoint,Big Stelly,Conveyor belt,

7-PowersMario-Hammer,Fire,bee,Luigui-Bite,Vaccum,Star,Toad-Ice,Blue shell,Weird shroom,Yoshi-Blimp fruit,Golden M-Clone,Spiny headToy Mario-Candy bomb,pasta wheel,Kid 1-Frog,Throw spiny,Witherd M

8-Toad L-Bettle cick,Acorn,guitar,Toad Toad-Shoe,Peguin,Peach-Boost star,Bring baddie,Shadow Mario-Cannon boxShadow Luigui-Haunting,Issac-Mega shroom,Propeller,Phatom M-Metal,Nightmare M-Spring,N

9-Black Jumpman-RockAshely-Ice,Wing,ToadetteCarrot,Cat,Captain toad-Picaxe,Raccon,Ballon bro-Baddie mask,

10-Powers1.Bee,Blimp fruit,Blue shell,Boo shroom2.Boomerang,Bettle kick,Shell helement3.Cannon,Cape,Carrot,Cloud,Clone,Fire4.Frog,Baddie mask,Shoe,Hammer,Ice,5.Mega Shroom,Metal,Acorn,wing,Peguin6.

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