Dead Plush(Robot Chicken)

Ep.1-The Pilot

“I did pretty much a long film from the department of youtube,What am I,N Brio.Ok,You can leave

now...Now,go away!What do you want me from me,Why did the Chicken cross the road?To Turn into a robot of course.Ok Seriously leave

Ep.2-Meme Town

“There is nothing to see,Mega man was better than mario.People wanted a movie but no.So many peeps wanted the crapy game to be cancelled.They own their risk,I don’t own memes or things except devs.South park is an awful show,Seriously you can’t see anything now?But Pickles can be but go leave agian

Ep.3-Years to Wat

“I gonna get laid since it’s morning,bunny knight comes to drive left.Reck that shrek or i’ll be a ulgy girl when she’s drunk,Stars or rap to toy collection.Oh no what’s under buddy dress today.This is crazy but call me”

Ep.4-Guess that Bootlegg

“Pokemon is cool to bowser,super man has a panis with a cape into the legs.A robot reading a book is a drunken bull,Birdo and Family guy can’t be a girl or boy.Maybe gumball is a mashmellow with batman botty.Oh no out of ideas,Ok then piss off”

Ep.5-Fazbear Party

“Freddy are dead with the lighting storm,BB wants coconuts with their cacti wars.Puppet are iron butts with micheal jackson can sing to ink,SpringTrap likes slender man or enderman from minecraft.For the frist time in forever flumpty,popgoes and others can be hamburgers.Camera man at the turket pizza is coming,so im still here or are you still here”

Ep.6-Drunk Dream

“Blooper Town of bowser load is crazy with dc comics,No way gummy worms are eating my mom.Who is dead sonic or link from forever after high.Why are you not going to the map of mexico,We need to a wall said trump,but since he’s hilter you must dye.Toy Story 4 is conformed but today is another day,peace out”

Ep.7-Up your Arse,Ya’ll

“Japan plants are gay with french fries,magic wand make are arses grow.Oh god pokemon has a rip off called slug terria with awards to dance in,Hourses wants a wii u when im playing mario.Guys look it’s crash bandipoop,Where did he go”


“Which came frist the star or houses,The Team Fortress squidward lady gag.Jellyfish crime to future dog or cats,I think undertale is better than 911.Butt fudge to be ugly gays,Ducks like family guy subjects to sing.Hasbro wants to get pewdiepie to dance off.Good morning and goodnight gangs”

Ep.9-Toilet Ballon

“Hey Spaghetti hitler pewds to old guys to stupid up,Holy Fudge robot chicken is making a movie just like gravity fudge.Aren’t we all girls or boys,Vote or bills or guys or fnaf peeps,SMK is going to make a cake to drow the ground now.Old Guys gonna be toad with blood,ABC live me alone ok.”

Ep.10-Pony Island

“Dashie pump the koopa shell,Oh you can can’t leave the turn into shrooms.Spiny Blocks in a cave are where with bon bon,Blocks to turn into toads are fake.Bowser and hammer bros are fake to dance.Top of the morning to your muncher.Jacksepticeye is going to kick your arse,Game over wrong your dead”

Ep.11-The Musical

Ep.12-Minion Army(Nin10doh)

Ep.13-Toys in the hood

Ep.14-Midnight snack


Ep.16-Code Name:Veggie

Ep.17-Spider vs Skeleton

EP.18-Green vader

Ep.19-Bionical Geese

Ep.20-Imaginary creation

Ep.1-Help Me

Ep.2-I love her

EP.3-Big trouble with idiots

Ep.4-The godfather