Movies Summary Release
Attack of the DollsAlternative Title:Project Dolls "What if the World Changed"

"What if Dolls were unleashed by Dark Magic"

"But Some were released"

Mecha MutantAlternative Title:Into the Dead "Life and Death are Different"

"Nobody Remebers"

"The Bad Life was Changed"

"It's Your Fault of what Happened"

"She was here for a reason"

"They were built for Happiness"

"But that was a long time ago"

"The Human Extinction is Over"

Spring Break 2017
The Joy of Creation Description-Sometime after season 1 After Robot Babe

Jenny is jealous that no one loves her then we she goes to prom with raina she kisses her boyfriend and jenny runs away into the dark forest and then gets killed by a falling tree.Then she appears in the dark overworld

Which leads her to the group of twisted animatronics and were released to destroy BOD,Miku,and Raina which needs to save jenny and the destroy the evilness once again


"The Legacy is Awaking"

"They don’t understand us"

"Their all we got"

"They Killed us Off"

"Were growing stronger"

"We are ready to fight"

"Were the last ones"

"To be alive"

"This is the last stand"

"All hope is lost"

"For good"

Charaters=Twisted Freddy,Twisted Bonnie,Twisted Chica,Twisted Foxy,Twisted Golden F,Fallen(Twisted Endo)

Twisted Wolf(Jenny)

Halloween/Atumn 2017
Tales of the Dead Description:Three Stroies One World

Summary:(Story 1)

Mikale Schidmt=1999 Creepypasta

Summary:(Story 2)

I've always feel like their was always a dark side"(Becuase of his back story)

"It Makes me interesting"(His Creation)

"It's Confusing when their real or not which may go away(Whenever they will return their company)

"He Doesn't like Darkness"(Fritz Smith)

"He's Hiding Something"(Freddy Fazbear's Pizza)

"He doesn't have fear but I know(Describing himself)

"Cause Im the Fear"(He's Possed of an incident)

Fearuting:Fitz Smith

Charaters-Andy,Willow the lost,Angelia,Margaret

Dreamy the Dragon,Carnage the Wolf,

Alxander Baker,Maylin

Story 3:

It's been so long,since I was trapped in a suit.Their was another location that was similar to my creation and is a rival from my company that betrayed me 30 years ago.This Halloween I founded the location of the place and all things were ancient that had magic from things I had.Today,I knew that I had to destory the thing I hate and failed but this time THIS TIME.I can finally get the clues of the place to return back to my body.

Springtrap=Spring location,Empty Location

Charaters-Cody Croc,Chickens,Bruce,Eva,Space

Josh and Marcus,Gector,Gad,Prototype,

Halloween 2018
The Small World Basically we were doing nothing when we go out into the ocean and then we found an island which was unknown what it’s was called but I just have one question? Are we the only people here.

The answer is… no.

Ep.1-The first moon

Charaters-Bod,Miku,Jake,Greg,Photo Negative Mickey

Ep.2-Treasure Island

Charaters-Osawld,Suicide mouse,Lisa,Maniken,Henry

Ep.3-Pirate Caverns

Charaters-The Face,Undying,God,Slester,Pluto

Ep.4-Let the show begin(FNATI 2)

Charaters-Abandoned Mickey,Abandoned Osawlt,Abandoned Disembodied,Happy Mouse

Abandoned Goofy,Abandoned Minnie,Abandoned PN Mickey,Abandoned Face,

Ep.5-Disney Facility(FNATI 2 revamp)

Charaters-Spirit PN Mickey,Spirit Oswalt,Spirit Minnie,Spirit Face,Spirit Suicuide Mouse,

Ep.6-Corruption(The End of disney)

Charaters-Hell Bound PN Mickey,Hell-Bound Oswalt,Hellbound Disembodeid,Hellbound Face,

Hellbound Suicide Mouse,HellBound Ortresia,Hellbound Goofy,Hellbound Minnie,Hellbound Daisy,

Hellbound Undying,

Ep.7-Scrapped Yard(Scrapped)

Charaters-Undead PN Mickey,Undead Oswalt,Undead Donald,Undead Face,Undead Suicide Mouse,

Undead Willy,Undead Pete.Undead Goofy,Undead Minnie,Undead Pluto

Ep.8-The Cabin(The lost ones)

JTK,Jason,Hour Glass,Gascot,Happy Mouse,Lost Undying,Lost God,Lost Henry

Ep.9-Ghost in the shadow(FNATI 3)

Billy,Olaf,Snow White,Dipper,Mabel,Stitch,Red minnie,Classic Oswald,Ortensia,Winnie the Pooh

Ep.10-Dark Zone(The lost ones 2)

Original UnDying,Original Henry,Original God,Lost Oswald,Cult,Lost Hourglass

Ep.11-Mask Holder(Breaking the magic)

Abandoned Park

Dumbo,Photo negative minnie,Willy,Vanellope van sweet

Ep.12-Room Zero(The Lost Ones 3)

Wax Mickey,Wax Goofy,Wax Donald

Ep.12-The Pizza Club(Mickey pizza club)

Charaters-Daisy Duck,Suicide Mouse

Ep.13-The nightmare before

Mick Mick,True mickey,Corrutpus

Ep.Bonus-It’s Mac tonight

Chris,Mac tonight,hambular,major mc cheese,Ronald,Biride,

Summer 2018
Ambition Ep.1-The Rebirth

Insirped by:Bringback Ent by SwordyCREATES

Description:This may be real or is it.One day a incident happened with raina having her a endless dream sydrome and must escape from it

Ep.2-The Room

Insirped by:Amani's Room by SwordyCREATES

Ep.3-The Shadows

Insirped by:Madison's Room by SwordyCREATES

Ep.4-The Wish

Insirped by:Cory's Wish by SwordyCREATES

Ep.5-Wake Up

Insirped by:WAKE_UP by Abandoned Account.

Freddy Shutdown for good R by SwordyCREATES


Ep.6-It's Cold out Tonight

Charaters:Blizzard/Wireframe/Pistachio/Swimmen/Pinky/Shadow Blizzard

Insirped by:It's Cold out Tonight by SwordyCREATES


Winter 2018
Planet Energico Insirped by The Forest:Survivor

Description:Do you remember ?

Do you remember what happened a long time ago ? The beginning of a brand new planet. Including robots It was the best time. The good old time. But everything faded into darkness When it happened. But it wasn't finished yet. He wanted more, so he decided to continue. But eventually... he forgot. Because something haunts him. And this thing will not stop until his downfall. No matter what. No matter how. It will find him.

Spring 2019
Ancestor(Quantum Break) Description:Origin Story of BOD and Miku's Past

Idea:Miku hastune and vampire knight yuki

A Night at the Diner:Eyes of Judgement


Description:Where are you ? Who are you ? What happened ? And when were you ? You lost your senses. You shouldn't have trusted them It may be dangerous.Fight for your life until you know the answer.

Summer 2019
Gazer=Observer/Walking with her by SwordyCREATES Description:

It's been 12 years... since the future... There was mistakes, fun, joy....But it's gone now. Everything is gone. The last relics from this good old time remains hidden in ruins.But you're not alone, you probably know it...


Insirped by The Juice of Gods Future by HawkSandwich

The Persisting Dream by HawkSandwich

It's always the same.

It was always like that.
No matter how hard you tried, you always ended up here.
What is the purpose of this damned place ?
I don't get it.
You neither.
But one thing is sure.
Something is roaming here.

Anxiety Insirped by A Week of Circus Terror

Description:As well as an unexplained suicide of his owner in the 50s, the house has woken up after 40 years and the visitor Gerald is determined to solve the whole secret about the disappearance of his son and in the meanwhile he is also trying to find out something about the owner's horrible history and history of the house. As the night is about to begin, your task is to survive the night and find some informations about your lost son. When the last sun rays disappear, the night will start and the terror will begin.

Trailing Insirped by Behind by CBGames

ANONYMUS by Henry Toth MaXoMeR

No Lights Insirped by Lights Out by CBGames

The Dream Theory by Henry Toth

Biped Insirped by Human by SpektrualStudious

The Librarian by LibrarianMCV

Paranormal Plot:Every story has got a power, the power to shift past, present and future. There were stories whose power exceeded their words and were locked away in a lost place known as “The Great Library”. Guarded by a lineage of kinsmen with the power to keep the stories at bay, they were to kept both the place and its contents in the utmost secrecy. However, when death called the last keeper and the menacing assignment devolved upon his grandson, the old hidden power was set in motion in order to free itself from its keeper and establish chaos anew

Insirped Shows(Cartoon Network/Nickledon/)

Inspired series

1.Steve Gmod 101/Jurassic Park/Jaws/Scared Stupid/Sonic Warped