Ep.1-Ground Hog Day

Idea=Cake,Coins,Nuts/Bolts,Umbrella,Soda Bottle,

Ep.2-Rise and Swine

Idea=Suction Cups,Boxing Gloves,Grappling Hooks,Ballons,Wings,

Ep.3-When Pigs Fly

Idea=Rockets,Costume,Super Glue,Turbo Charge,Magnets

Ep.4-Flight in the Night

Idea=Zombie Pig,Octo Pig,Were hog,Naboo secruity officers,

Ep.5-Tusk Til Dawn

Idea=Park,Las Vegas,Chuck E Cheese,Auto Show,Dave and Buster's

Ep.6-Cake Race

Idea=Santa Monica,Vince's Pasta and Pizza,Universal Studious,Trampoline,See Saw

Ep.7-Road to El Porkado

Idea=Push Button,

Ep.8-Abandoned City

Ep.9-True Blue

Ep.10-Trojan Egg

Ep.11-Double Take

Ep.12-Hypno Pigs

Ep.13-Catch of the Day

Ep.14-Treasure Hunt

Ep.15-Miracle of Life

Ep.16-Cave Pig



Ep.19-Piggy in the Middle

Ep.20-Epic Sir Bucket

Ep.21-Hog Hoops

Ep.22-Fly Piggy Fly

Ep.23-The Game

Ep.24-The Catch

Ep.25-Wishing Well

Ep.26-Stuck In?

Ep.27-Pile Up

Ep.28-Step 1

Ep.29-Race Nut

Ep.30-Tipping Point

Ep.31-Dream House

Ep.32-Mind the Gap

Ep.33-Sticky Situation

Ep.34-Three Little Piggies

Ep.35-Ready Aim Play

Ep.36-Batter Up

Ep.37-The Bubble Trick

Ep.38-Art School

Ep.39-Hidden Talent

Ep.40-Shadow Pig

Ep.41-Going Up

Ep.42-Road Hog

Ep.43-Forest Fever

Ep.44-Sandy Dam Ham

Ep.45-Junkyard Jive

Ep.46-Park Pig Out

Ep.47-Underground unblance

Ep.48-Market Madness

Ep.49-Canyons of Waste

Ep.50-Sunset is in Flight