Part 1-Angry Egg Hunt

Part 2-The Olympics Games

Part 3-Beyond the Graves

Part 4-Fright of Fazboys

Part 5-Haunted Zone

Part 6-Picku Adventure

Part 7-Giant Prepare

Part 8-The Final Hour


BOD:Attack of the dolls



Ep.2-Girl Fliting

Code-He’s being approved a lot

Ep.3-The fight

Code-You happy now

Ep.4-Im sorry

Code-He is not what he seems

Ep.5-Date dilemma

Code-Curse you luck


Code-He’s still here?

Ep.7-Confidence life

Code-Darkness is watchin you


Code-Can you hide forever

Ep.9-Lets run

Code:Onward you guys

Ep.10-Being raised

Code-What kind of machine is uttering

Ep.11-Traped in solitary

Code-Nothing has been seen

Ep.12-The request

Code-Enjot the storm in the norm

Ep.13-Goodbye you guys

Code-The baddies are black magic

Ep.14-Need to help

Code-These boring views can’t fear the regret

Ep.15-Heart beat

Code-Great hours come signing up

Ep.16-Nature is scary

Code-Which today is a fright


Code-It’s a lie for being gone


Code-You don’t know what happened

Ep.19-Someone’s coming

Code-You tried but failed and the plan is sturging

Ep.20-Desert lake

Code-Games and lets plays are small reactions


Code-What if everything was just a dream

Ep.22-The oracle

Code-It started by nightmares and fear of eyes

Ep.23-Live and death

Code-Everything comes great causes but none as parell as this

Ep.24-Beyond the graves

Code-A simple man comes to seek the side youre on

Ep.25-Obsessed man

Code-The prophecy is a legend but the change is strange

Ep.26-The whispers

Code-Did you miss me,Cuase I miss you

Ep.27-Good Ingredints

Code-One time in the past can dream fast

Ep.28-Bad Friendship

Code-Its over,the fun is over and don’t tell me what

Ep.29-Bad to good

Code-Goodbye oh good world,or maybe not


Code-No place to hind but just run

Ep.31-The owner

Code-Maybe the owner of the books and after the years he comes to appear

Ep.32-Trap out

Code-He remains frozen but he comes back,He always does

Ep.33-Kid complains

Code-When he complanins guess who it is

Ep.34-Greater rush


Ep.35-I have faith in you

Ep.36-Being guitly

Ep.37-Shoot the target

Ep.38-Scary cave

Ep.39-Lost then founded

Ep.40-Reunited team

Ep.41-Wicked hut

Ep.42-My pets

Ep.43-Collison curse

Ep.44-What we do

Code-Don’t hold it against us

Ep.45-Every deal comes with a price

Ep.46-Ice on fire

Ep.47-Follow me

Ep.48-Wicked world

Code-The rusty gates lead to a grave nacho man

Ep.49-Wicked world Part 2:The untold story

Code-Axolotls are coming

Ep.50-Wicked world Part 3:The end

Code-His name is mason