Ep.1-Operation:Secert Recipe

Ep.2-Chocolate Chase

Ep.3-Cyber-Space Theif Showdown

Ep.4-The Golden Book

Ep.5-Hunt for the Curious Phoenix

Ep.6-Secret Papyrus Key

Ep.7-One Hundredth Fortune Cookies

Ep.8-Kingdom of Fantasy

Ep.9-Quest for Paraside

Ep.10-The Dragon Prophey of Volcanos

Ep.11-Enchanted Charms of Magic

Ep.12-Hours Til Ships Sail

Ep.13-Wizard's Wand Secert

Ep.14-No Time to Lose

Ep.15-Stone of Fire

Ep.16-Fast Frozen Race

Ep.17-Surfing Secert Scoop

Ep.18-Sea Monster Surprise

Ep.19-Paw Pearl Search

Ep.20-The Mammoth Mystery

Ep.21-Attack of Dragons

Ep.22-Stay Strong Helments

Ep.23-Holdup Message

Ep.24-Discovery of America

Ep.25-Secert Coliseum Sphinx

Ep.26-The Trail of Marco Polo

Ep.27-Monsa lisa in Action

Ep.28-Saving the Olympics

Ep.29-The First Samurai in the West

Ep.30-Fastest train on the Moon

Ep.31-Lights Camera Attack

Ep.32-First to Last on Earth

Ep.33-Translation in Liberty

Ep.34-The Wasp!

Ep.35-Return of Zombie Blue

Ep.36-Yellow Love

Ep.37-Knock of Wood

Ep.38-OnThing Ice

Ep.39-Black Bird and the Missing Hat

Ep.40-The Magical Mirror

Ep.41-White's Illness