Ep.1-Adventure Begins

Idea=Red,Chuck,Pigs,Bombs,Zombie Pigs(FRIST BATTLE)

Ep.2-Corporal Pig and Prince Pork

Idea=Matilda,Bomb,Shaman Pigs,Pigmies,Ninja Pigs(Second Battle)

Ep.3-Pigiana Jones and a Spirit(Third Battle)

Idea=Blues,Pigiana Jones,Piggy mc cool,Ghost Pigs,Foreman Pigs

Ep.4-My Ulimate Weapon(FINAL Battle)

Idea=Hal,Bubbles,Golden Piggy,Knight Pigs,Wizard Pigs

Ep.5-Arena of Terence

Idea=Pokmeons,Mighty Eagle,Brute Pigs,Puzzles and Dragons,Pirate Pigs

Ep.6-Eggman's Plan

Idea=Sonic,Badniks,Drones,Tinker Titan,Kraken Colossus

Ep.7-Popping Bubbles

Idea=Hatchlings,Bee Critters,Drop the Pigs,Pop the Top,Piggy in the Middle

Ep.8-Forest Haven

Idea=Free the Hatchlings,Beat the Clock,Bird Boost,Pig Gate,Chef Piggy

Ep.9-Beach Party

Idea=Crab Pig,4th of July,Purple Bird,Chicken Pig,Ship Wreck

Ep.10-Crystal Caves

Idea=New Years,Lab Fight,Candy,Soccer,Beachball

Ep.11-Monument Moutains


Ep.12-Lily Lagoon

Idea=Key,McDonald Minigame,Peperami,PEZ,Golden Ducks

Ep.13-Quarry Concert

IDea=Blizzard,Hot Chili,Pig Inflater,Mechincal pig,Girl pig

Ep.14-Gloomy Grotto

Idea=Ballon pig,monkey,Dj Bird,Telepods,Golden Temple

Ep.15-Adventure Returns

Idea=Dusty Dunes,Coral Conundrum,Magma Moutain,Cloud Forest,Spooky Swamp

Ep.16-The Infernal Firebug

Idea=Chet,Fritos,Durain Bird,Timothy the Teal Bird,Omnom

Ep.17-Knight of the Living Dead

IDea=Freeze bomb bird,Heat Bomb Bird,Ninja Yellow,TOrnado Bomb,

Ep.18-Duke of the Pig Lair


Ep.19-Captoin Redbeard Rekt

Idea=Flappy Bird,Reacting Pig,Prisoner Pig,Sad Pig,Skunk bird

Ep.20-Knight of Flowers

Idea=Skunk pig,Stupid pig,Mexican pig,Corporal Foreman,Super Meat Boy

Ep.21-Goulish Garden

IDea=Rx2,Issac,Vanilla,Penguin,beacked pig

Ep.22-Autumn Orchard

Idea=Spongebob,Patrick,bowling ball pig,wicked pig,pumkin pig

Ep.23-Frosty Falls

Idea=Spring pig,Porkador,Caged bird,Lil slugger,Tofu boy

Ep.24-Cozy Cabin

Idea=Magic Issac,Clam Pigs,Squids,Egg Stones

Ep.25-Cotton Candy Carnival

Ep.26-Buoyant Bayou

Ep.27-Red Carpet Rumble

Ep.28-Road to Wisdom

Ep.29-Tiki Trotters

Ep.30-Plunged Pork

Ep.31-Gold Swine Mine

Ep.32-Area 51


Ep.34-Warm Stream

Ep.35-Deep Sea Mines

Ep.36-The Mystical Underwater Gardens

Ep.37-Underwater Lavalands

Ep.38-Undersquids,Pigiges on Top

Ep.39-Darkness Falls

Ep.40-King Pig's Underwater Castle

Ep.41-Submarine of the piggies

Ep.42-Crash Landing

Ep.43-Sleeping Day

Ep.44-Morning Flights

Ep.45-Distant Flights

Ep.46-When Pigs Fall

Ep.47-Lost City Pigs

Ep.48-Valley of the Dangers

Ep.49-Almost Paradarise

Ep.50-Canyons of the Mesozoic Era