Ep.1-Smugglers Den

Ep.2-Jungle Escape

Ep.3-Beach Volley

Ep.4-Carnival Upheaval

Ep.5-Airfield Chase

Ep.6-Smugglers Plane

Ep.7-Market Mayhem

Ep.8-Hunt for the Golden BeachBall

Ep.9-Rocket Rumble

Ep.10-High Dive

Idea=Sling Scope

Ep.11-Blossom River

Idea=Power Potion

Ep.12-Timber Tumble

Idea=Blu New Power

Ep.13-Moon Festival


Ep.14-South Hamerica

Idea=King Sling

Ep.15-Tropigal Paradise

Idea=Samba Burst

Ep.16-Summer Camp

Idea=TNT Drop

Ep.17-Philippines with the Birds

Ep.18-Year of the Goat

Idea=Chester Cheetah,Moris Wiwichu,Mamut

Ep.19-Volcano Peber

Ep.20-Hunt for the golden pistachio


Ep.21-Ultra Book adventure

Ep.22-Chrome Dimension


Ep.24-Skull Lost

Ep.25-Heating Shores

Ep.26-Garbage Valley

Ep.27-Fault Travels

Ep.28-Go sailing go

Ep.29-Rural Lowlands

Ep.30-Punching Islands

Ep.31-Roll n Go

Ep.32-Return to the city

Ep.33-Trash Metros

Ep.34-Raining Sailing

Ep.35-Poony Night

Ep.36-Return of the Stro Clouds

Ep.37-Production of the New World

Ep.38-Recycling to Space

Ep.39-Galaxy Climax

Ep.40-Heaven and Abraham

Ep.41-Beginning of the end

Ep.42-Temple of the Pigs

Ep.43-King's Kingdom

Ep.44-Biome of Ancients

Ep.45-Lake Heratat

Ep.46-The Moutain of the Babies

Ep.47-Electham City

Ep.48-Foggy Icy Island

Ep.49-Volcano Panic

Ep.50-Jungle of the Snagrets