Ep.1-Gates of the Volcanhams

Ep.2-The forest of Unknown

Ep.3-The swamp of the ghosts

Ep.4-The fort of the mighties

Ep.5-Tunnel of the Eternals

Ep.6-Giant plant of the Hikers

Ep.7-Desert of the Terminals

Ep.8-Rocky Path of the Underworld

Ep.9-Pyramid of the Underworld

Ep.10-Empire of the Ancients

Ep.11-Village of the Azhams

Ep.12-Cave of the Wizards

Ep.13-Ocean of the Mosquitoes

Ep.14-Caves of the Snagrets

Ep.15-Underocean of the fishes

Ep.16-Great Den of Pigs

Ep.17-Ghoul House

Ep.18-The Amazing Boat Race!

Ep.19-Chucks Lost Memory

Ep.20-Time Trouble

Ep.21-Heading to the Zoo


Ep.23-Bomb's New Game

Ep.24-Big Step Round 2

Ep.25-Trouble in Yoshi Island

Ep.26-Chubby and the Fruit NInja

Ep.27-Let them take Cake

Ep.28-Big Robotic Prolbem

Ep.29-Meet Moot

Ep.30-The Strange Leprchaun

Ep.31-Power Outrage

Ep.32-Wolf Problem

Ep.33-Sleep Struggles

Ep.34-King for a Day!

Ep.35-The Lost Treasure of Emerald

Ep.36-Curse of the Cheese PUramid

Ep.37-Deep in the Blue Jungle

Ep.38-Attack of the Bandits

Ep.39-Phatoms of the Subway

Ep.40-Temple of Ruby Fire

Ep.41-Shipwreck on Pirate Seas

Ep.42-No Named Mummy

Ep.43-Down and Out Down Under

Ep.44-Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro

Ep.45-Run for the Hills

Ep.46-The Golden Statute Plot

Ep.47-Flight of Red's Bandit

Ep.48-Treasure on Easter Island

Ep.49-Magical Mission

Ep.50-Hollywood Burglary