Angry Birds Go(Plush Series)

Main Menu-Angry Birds Go

Speedway Cup-Angry Birds Go

Tutorial-Build mode bad piggies

News Reporter-Angry Birds Go

Results-friend theme mario and luigui

Time Boom-Ab GO

Fruit Splat-AB GO

Koopa Race-My Remix #6 Mario Kart 7 - Rosalina's Ice World

Pig Race-Angry Birds go

Bird Race Intro-Stonecarving City 16 Bit (Sega Genesis Remix) - Wario Land: Shake It!

Boss Intro-Mario Kart ds

Bomb bird Boss-Angry Birds go

Stella Boss-Cartoon Network Racing DS OST Outer Space Chase

Win Koopa Battle-Remix - In the Halls of the Usurper (Shovel Knight)

Rocky Road-Slip slip Icecapades crash twinsanity

Shop-The builder kevin macleod

Grandpa Pig race-Kirby Canvas Curse Music - Track 36 - Truck Chase

Matt Race-New Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme 8 Bit

Bubbles Race-Kirby Canvas Curse Music - Track 35 - Paint Panic

Toad Boss Intro-King pig and his maniac minions=Angry birds epic

Toad Boss Race-Banjo pilot battle theme

Toad Boss Outro-Kirby Super Star Ultra Music - Revenge of the King Ending

Air Cup Race-Little King's Story Soundtrack--King Jumbo Champloon

King P Race-Passage of plains jake virt kaufman

Blues Race-The vital vitrol jake virt kaufman

Terence Race-Hod roderick race wario land skate it

Peach Intro-Beady Long legs pikmin

Peach Race-Banjo kazooie intro

Peach Outro-for shovelry jake virt kaufman

Stunt Race-Garfield: Caught in the Act - Glitch's Theme [Genesis] Music

Beak Boss-Skylanders: Trap Team - The Gulper by Lorne Balfe

Foreman Pig Boss-Sky Races - Cluck's Cuckoo Nest | Skylanders SuperChargers Music

Chuck Boss-Emperor Kaos Boss Battle | Skylanders SuperChargers Music

Yoshi Intro-heavy rival intro playstation

Yoshi outro-Mario highway mario kart arcade gp

Sub Zero-Boss race diddy kong pilot

Tony Bird Boss-chompy mage lorne balfe

Chef Pig Boss-Land of the Undead - Fight/Battle 2 | Skylanders SuperChargers Music

Stroom pig boss-Cackletta theme orchestrated purple122119

Rosalina Intro-Monstrous Isles - Thundertow Battle | Skylanders SuperChargers Music

Rosalina Boss-Cap'n Cluck Boss Battle | Skylanders SuperChargers Music

Rosalina Outro-Skylanders Main Theme - Original Score by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe

Rain Gate-Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games [DS Music]: Rival Battle

Girl Red Boss-Final Boss Spongebob battle for bikini bottom

Vader Pig Boss-Big bad baby bowser kingspartax37

Luke Bird Boss-n brio crash twinsanity

BJ Intro-Zomom's Take-out Lunch - Sonic Lost World

BJ Boss-wizpig theme

BJ Outro-starman theme mario kart ds

Jenga Cup-Angry Birds Go! Music - Versus

Girl Pig-Psycho Waluigi Final Boss 2

Monkey-bitium-ribbon - Super Mario RPG: Halloween for Smithy

Matilda-destruction dance - dance dance revolution mario mix

Luigui Intro-smoking gun kevin macleod

Luigui boss-Bad Piggies Overworld

Luigui Outro-professor 3 gadd theme mario and luigui

Mario Intro-Kevin MacLeod ~ One-eyed Maestro

Mario Boss-CTTR Music #12 - Evilocity Medley

Mario Outro-Kirby Squeak Squad: Ending

Credits-cipher kevin macleod

Staff Roll-CTTR Music #29 - Staff Roll

Cake Time-bomb battlefiedl bulby

Game Over-a king defeated little king story