Angry Birds Fight

Ep.1-Camp of Traning

Charaters=Arrows,Bomb Pig,Arrow Bird,Fire Ball

Robot Pig,Rodeo Bird,Giga Pig,Knight Bird,Dino

Skeleton pig,Wizard Bird

Ep.2-Pig Stadium

Charaters=Ninja Pig,Pig,Pig Cabin,Axe Bird,

Lighting potion,Barrel Pig

Ep.3-Dry Bone Pit

Charaters-Mini skeleton pig,flying dragon

Zombie Pig,Skeleton Bomb Pig,Giga skeleton pig

Air Skeleton pig

Ep.4-Barbarian Sea

Charaters-Cannon,Sword Pig,Rocket,Bird Cabin

Purple potion,Bow and arrow

Ep.5-King Pig PlayHouse

Charaters-Ice Tower,Minig flying dragon,ice potion

lighting tower,Critter Pig rider,Robot bird,Giga Dino

Mecha Dino,

Ep.6-Crystal Valley

Charaters-Wind potion,Fire Bird,Potion ink,

wizard bird,Fire potion,bonus card,giga tombson,

Light bird

Ep.7-Monkey Workshop

Charaters-Fire Cannon,Mecha potion,

Stone cannnon,Tornado,Stone Pig,Chainsaw pig

Lighting cannon,Miner pig

Ep.8-Royal Bird Arena

Charaters-Knight Pig,Cannon Pig,Mini mecha pig

Mini knight bird,Knight Monkey,Mini knight monkey

Lighting bird,Bow and arrow pig

Ep.9-Frozen Peak

Charaters-Bat,Frozen Pig,Mini frozen pig,

Water potion,Orge pig,Wizard monkey,Ice bird

Ep.10-Jungle Bungle

Charaters-Arrow monkey,Peashoot pig,Robber pig

Robber bird

Ep.11-Hog Moutain

Charaters-Gold Potion

Ep.12-Legendary Trial